Top Tips For Dealing With Recruitment Agencies In Germany

Recruitment agencies in Germany

Recruitment agencies in Germany help companies in different sectors to find a suitable candidate for them. The recruitment companies may specialize in a particular sector or an occupation or may be dominant in one or more geographical locations. They search through their databases to find eligible candidates for their client companies. One point to be noted is that the agencies work for the employers and not for the candidates in particular. So what should you do in order to get noticed by these companies? Here are the top tips for dealing with the top executive search agencies in Germany:

  • Whenever you receive a call or an email from the executive search company, respond to it on prompt basis. This is because for one, they are usually in a hurry to fill a given position but at times they may also be competing with other recruitment agencies to get a job filled with the client.
  • If you already have a job and are looking for a career change, then tell them about your experience, your successes etc., in order to differentiate yourself from candidates with less experience (who may be less expensive).
  • If you are applying to the recruitment agency through online portals, make sure that your resume contains all the keywords which are appropriate for the job position for which you wish to be considered. The presence of these keywords is considered necessary as these are used while searching the database for a particular job role.
  • One important thing to note is that it’s not the job of the recruitment agency to offer you the position you desire. Instead, they may very well try to persuade you to look at the particular role which they have the brief to fill. Take a good look at te role. It might be of interest, even if that is a role you have not considered so far. But on the other hand, don’t get pressurized in considering a role which is not your first preference. It is a waste of time and effort for all parties if you work to get an offer you have no intention of accepting.
  • You should have a salary bracket in mind. Check with the executive search agency on the viability of the salary you are looking for. These companies know the market rates, so they can guide you on what to quote in front of the potential employer. Always quote a salary requirement which is realistic and in sync with your experience and qualifications.

In the end, remember that the recruitment company is working for their customer, i.e. their priority is the employer, they are not working for you. Still, the recruitment company needs you as well, particularly if your experience fits to a role they are trying to fill. But don’t get the idea that thy will go out and find a job for you. They won’t.

Top Tips For Dealing With Recruitment Agencies In Germany

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