5 reasons you should consider a recruitment company for your next hire in Dusseldorf

Recruitment Agencies in Germany


Dusseldorf is the capital city of the German state of Northrhine-Westfalia. Lying on the Rhine River, it is the seventh largest city in Germany.  Here are the 5 reasons you should consider a recruitment company for your next hire in Dusseldorf.

1) Less population

Having a population of just 600,000 inhabitants, it makes it difficult for the companies to find the right candidate for their workforce. Many times months pass by to fill in the position. This makes it difficult when there is an urgent requirement for the company. Recruitment companies have their pre contacts built up. They can efficiently bridge the gap between the deserving candidates and the work force of the company.

2) Economy

Düsseldorf has become one of the top telecommunications centers in Germany. There are 18 internet service providers located in the capital of North-Rhine Westphalia. Eurowings and formerly independent LTU International, are two airlines, with headquarters in the city. There are 400 advertising agencies and 200 publishing houses in Düsseldorf. There are around 170 national and international financial institutions, and about 130 insurance agencies, and one of Germany’s eight stock exchanges.

3) International Business Centre

As described in the paragraph under Economy, Düsseldorf is a very international city. It lies right in the heart of the European market. While it is relatively small it has many international companies operating within its city limits. Some 5,000 international Companies have chosen Düsseldorf as their German home base. With this, they have their own way of working and own set of challenges.

4) Handling influx of Immigrants

In Germany, the city of Düsseldorf has absorbed more than 5,000 migrants in the last year from countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese community in mainland Europe with about 13,000 Japanese living in Düsseldorf. Many Japanese banks and corporations have their European headquarters in Düsseldorf. With all these facts, Recruitment companies can bridge the gap between Multinational companies and Immigrants.

5) Recruitment Agencies in Germany

While there are many recruitment agencies in Germany, there are few that specialize in helping foreign companies find the people they need for their operation.

We at “Contacts & Management” are focused on working in Germany as an expert headhunter.

We are specializing in headhunting and helping companies with foreign roots recruit the people they need within Dusseldorf. Our recruitment agency understands the cultural differences and assists you in recruiting the right employees with which you can grow your German business. With 25 years of experience in headhunting and recruiting, we know where to look to find the people you need in your industry. We want to see your business be successful in Germany.

5 reasons you should consider a recruitment company for your next hire in Dusseldorf

4 concrete ways of makingan advertising recruitment a success


In Germany there is practically full employment. Due to this, candidates can often pick and choose between job offers. There are more jobs being offered than there are candidates looking for a new position. Therefore a company needs to be creative in order to attract top talent. Here are some thoughts as to how a successful advertisement might be structured and placed:

  1. Generic titles
    Being creative, is not considered feasible when it comes to job ads. Job titles that are too creative instead of being generic often tend to lose on good talent because of the complexity involved in the job title. Nowadays a job search by the candidate is key word based and he won’t be looking for some fancy title. So the title of the job is definitely not the place to start being creative because if you are, your ad will not be seen by the majority of people that you want to address.
  2. Job description:
    Here is the place where you can become a bit more creative. Describe the position in a way that makes it attractive for people. Don’t just say what you need and want. Try thinking about what the candidate might need and want and what he might be looking for. We always say that the bait has to taste good for the fish, not for the person doing the fishing. So try to put yourself into the shoes of the candidate. What is he looking for? What might excite him? Have you mentioned why your company might be a great place to work?
  3. Post the job ad everywhere
    You posted the ad in some newspaper or internet job board, but forget to post in on your website. Think about what opinion a job seeker will have of the company! The job ad should be posted everywhere, such as social media websites, company website and other job websites. Never let your job posting languish anywhere. This kind of promotion will surely give you better payoffs.
  4. Short and crisp
    Writing a to the point advertisement is considered as very significant. If you post a job ad, that preaches more about the mission and vision of the company instead of the job role and responsibilities, the applicants would spend their valuable time on reading another job posting instead of reading what your company inspires for. As per the recruitment researchers, the job seekers invest just 80 seconds in any job advertisement and thus look for only the concrete and useful information instead of the accomplishments of the company. Thus, keep the job description short and crisp that can catch the attention of the job seeker.
4 concrete ways of makingan advertising recruitment a success

5 questions you must ask before hiring a payroll service provider

payroll services

The usage of traditional and painstaking payroll system where a particular individual used to sit for managing the payroll to individuals is going down because of a higher chance of human error because of the repetitive nature of the job. If you are also tired of doing payroll work by hand, it’s high time to switch to an automated service to take care of the payroll activities. Such an automated system will not only reduce the cost, but will also minimize the mistakes as the business touches new heights. If you are also planning to hire a payroll provider, here are the 5 important questions you must ask:

1. What payroll services do you provide?
There is no dearth of such companies and more and more keep getting added up in a short span. It thus becomes imperative to choose a provider whose services best fit the needs of your company and can specifically identify the needs and requirements of your company. These providers deals with a vast array of services including accounting reports and customized payroll job services.

2. How is the handling of payroll taxes done by your company?
The payroll tax compliance must be made accurately and within timeline. There is no dearth of taxes for any organisation; thus a sense of understanding of each and every type of tax and its correct compliance is what any organisation expects from its payroll service provider. Kindly make sure to be clear about this aspect of payroll management as there are a number of service providers which charge an extra amount for the calculation and payment of payroll taxes.

3. What customer support services will you offer?
Every business organisation expects its service provider to provide a real time support to them and being readily available via phone and email is considered as basic support services. The service must be simple and easy to use and should be so smooth that no frequent support calls are made to the service provider.

4. Is there a possibility to integrate our prevailing accounting system with yours?
Your organisation must be having an existing accounting system, so the payroll solution should be such that it can seamlessly and quickly integrate your business accounting system with their softwares. Once the integration is completed, there is no requirement to add the data manually or spend the valuable time in reconciling the payroll systems.

5. How safe is your data center?
The safety and security of the data center is a must. Since the data center is responsible for holding the sensitive financial information, it must possess a multiple layers of security system.

5 questions you must ask before hiring a payroll service provider

Do you know how the top executive search agencies price their services? If not, do read this one..

top Executive Search Agency germany

You must have read an umpteenth number of articles on the benefit an executive search company can bring to your organisation, but are you really aware if your executive agency is charging from you more or less? Do you know how do these companies price their services? How they earn profit for their companies? The profit of these firms is the markup you add to the price you pay for getting the labour of the employee. More skills and better training of the employee brings a better profit for the executive search companies. Below mentioned are some of the factors which acts as the basis for the executive recruiter companies to price their services for you:

  • Competition
    Less the competition, the higher the price. Indeed, this is the thumb rule for the top executive search agencies out there. If, there is less of competition in the recruitment type they deal with, the markups are usually huge. However, if there is a cut throat competition, the markups are average and thus prices are set as average only taking into consideration the overall industry. In Germany, an average sector usually has 50-70% markup for executive search agencies, while the less competitive sector brings a margin of more than 80%.
  • Industry
    Industry plays a key role in defining the basic prices for services. For niches such as IT, Legal etc. the markups are usually high as against the standard niches such as clerical. This is because of availability of staff is more for the traditional niches in comparison to the specialized niches. For specialized niches, the executive recruiter also needs to do a lot research and take the pain to get the right person at the job, hence, they price higher for this category of staff placement.
  • Relationship with client
    The markups are usually lower for the client company which gives the executive recruiter a considerable business, hence a lower billing rate is offered to such a client. The high volume clients get a special rate even if the company needs to lower its markup as low as 10%. The special rates are usually given to companies who have been with the executive search company for a considerable period of time or offers voluminous business.
  • Type of placement
    The price that the executive recruiter charges from the client also depends to a large extent on the type of placement, the clients ask for. The fee charged is a way too high for the permanent recruitment category as the company is going to permanently lose the profit on that candidate. If they have invested a lot of training on that employee, the price will hover around 10% of the expected annual salary of the employee.
Do you know how the top executive search agencies price their services? If not, do read this one..