4 concrete ways of makingan advertising recruitment a success


In Germany there is practically full employment. Due to this, candidates can often pick and choose between job offers. There are more jobs being offered than there are candidates looking for a new position. Therefore a company needs to be creative in order to attract top talent. Here are some thoughts as to how a successful advertisement might be structured and placed:

  1. Generic titles
    Being creative, is not considered feasible when it comes to job ads. Job titles that are too creative instead of being generic often tend to lose on good talent because of the complexity involved in the job title. Nowadays a job search by the candidate is key word based and he won’t be looking for some fancy title. So the title of the job is definitely not the place to start being creative because if you are, your ad will not be seen by the majority of people that you want to address.
  2. Job description:
    Here is the place where you can become a bit more creative. Describe the position in a way that makes it attractive for people. Don’t just say what you need and want. Try thinking about what the candidate might need and want and what he might be looking for. We always say that the bait has to taste good for the fish, not for the person doing the fishing. So try to put yourself into the shoes of the candidate. What is he looking for? What might excite him? Have you mentioned why your company might be a great place to work?
  3. Post the job ad everywhere
    You posted the ad in some newspaper or internet job board, but forget to post in on your website. Think about what opinion a job seeker will have of the company! The job ad should be posted everywhere, such as social media websites, company website and other job websites. Never let your job posting languish anywhere. This kind of promotion will surely give you better payoffs.
  4. Short and crisp
    Writing a to the point advertisement is considered as very significant. If you post a job ad, that preaches more about the mission and vision of the company instead of the job role and responsibilities, the applicants would spend their valuable time on reading another job posting instead of reading what your company inspires for. As per the recruitment researchers, the job seekers invest just 80 seconds in any job advertisement and thus look for only the concrete and useful information instead of the accomplishments of the company. Thus, keep the job description short and crisp that can catch the attention of the job seeker.
4 concrete ways of makingan advertising recruitment a success

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