Effective advertising for recruitment in a company

Advertising Recruitment

Advertising is one of the crucial aspects of recruitment in a company. It can be tempting to place more emphasis on the interviewing and selecting stages of the recruitment process, rather than the advertising stage. However, efficient advertising paves the way for recruitment success, hopefully making your role that little bit easier.

At Contacts and Management this is how we make the recruitment work by advertisement.

1. The purpose of advertising is to reach the largest qualified audience. We at Contacts and Management try to work together with you to identify and define the important aspects of the position that needs to be filled. Our process for searching and advertising is determined by our early discussions with the Search Committee. It is important to ensure that the wording of an advertisement does not work to exclude possible recruits. So, care must be taken from both sides to make the resulting recruitment profile as accurate as possible while at the same time not making it too limiting.

2. The job advertisement will be the first impression that candidates will have of your business and a poor advert is likely to prompt them to quickly click off the page.
We conduct a survey among the people who are already in a similar position to determine their motives, goals and what possible reasons might exist for a career move. This helps in properly addressing the target group in a way which will invite them to respond.

3. Using the right mix of advertising sources is crucial to attract the right candidates. Candidate behavior is constantly changing and there’s a great deal of conflicting information out there about what advertising sources really work.
The advertisement is designed according to the survey results. Creative advertisement may also be done if it is required. The advertisement is then placed into the appropriate paper, internet job site, social media or whatever is appropriate to reach the right mix of candidates.

4. Once the advertisement is placed, an after-hours telephone service is provided. This means interested candidates can even call us after working hours. An extensive and careful evaluation process is done among these interested candidates for its suitability concerning the position we are filling.

5. The candidates found are now interviewed. The purpose is to determine their personal qualifications for the position to be filled. We also present our client company in such a way, as to make the position that is to be filled interesting for the candidate. From these candidates we determine a short list before presenting them to you.

Effective advertising for recruitment in a company