Advertising Recruitment – The Importance Of Using Print Media

advertisement recruitment

When it comes to posting an advertisement for job recruitment, most modern business organizations tend to think only in terms of digital media. While it is true that digital platform have come to play a vital role in helping companies choose the right kind of candidates for various vacancies, the significance of using the traditional print media can also not be undermined. In fact, it is quite common for the leading executive search agencies in Germany to exploit the benefits of both the digital and print media for effective advertisement recruitment. This is because, these agencies are well aware of the various benefits that print media offers over the more popular digital platforms.

Need To Use Print Media

Contrary to what most people believe, the digital technology is still out of the reach of a fairly large amount of people. This is not only due to the lack of the proper technological infrastructure, but also due to the unwillingness of a large number of people to become a part or even adapt the basics of the technology. This is one of the single most important reasons that make the use of print media for advertising job vacancies a necessary option for companies seeking suitable candidates to fulfill various job responsibilities. In fact, advertising in print media is still highly effective in sectors where people are least likely to use the digital technology in an extensive manner.

Another major reason that makes using the print media an inevitable option for executive search agencies is to satisfy ego of senior level job seekers. Most people working at top management levels like to be found by recruitment agencies and hiring companies rather than having to register themselves with the online job portals. Replying to the job ads posted in print media gives such top level executives the satisfaction of having been approached rather than placing themselves at the beck and call of recruitment agencies. This can prove to be a major confidence booster and influence the future performance of the candidates within the hiring company.

Benefits Offered By Using Print Media

Despite the common perception about advertising through print media as being an outdated option, recruitment agencies have been using this platform quite regularly. This in itself is a proof of the fact that print media still plays a vital role in helping the agencies find the most suitable candidates. Some of the benefits of using the print media are listed below.

  • The print media is more effective in terms of attracting the attention of people at regional level, which is not a strategy adapted by most online job portals.
  • It is extremely effective in terms of reaching out to candidates who might not be actively seeking a job but can consider taking up a good position that ensures overall growth and benefit for them.
  • It tends to leave far deeper and longer lasting impact as compared to digital advertising, which in turn increases the chances of response from quality candidates.

 It provides support to the online campaigns by directing the interested candidates towards the relevant online portals and helping them to attain the information they seek in greater detail.

Advertising Recruitment – The Importance Of Using Print Media

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