5 Hidden Costs Incurring to you Because of Mis-Hires

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“If you think it’s expensive to hire a Professional,

Just wait until you hire an Amateur.”

A mis-hire not only pose a financial burden on the company that can last for months, but there are other subtle costs associated with mis-hiring that many HR professional ignore. These unseen costs can impact your business for years, long after the financial impact is absorbed.

These 5 hidden costs can only be ignored by hiring right kind of candidates either inhouse or by hiring a Top Executive Search Agency.

Hidden Cost 1 : Morale of the employees suffer

One rotten apple can spoil the others in the bunch as well. Even though this could not be entirely true in an organisation but a mis-hire can have a significant negative impact on the morale of good employees who eventually may leave the company thereby lowering the morale even further. The overall productivity can be hit & extra cost may be infused in terms of training & discipline.

Hidden Cost 2 : A Poor Customer Experience

The mis-hire can come in contact with clients, customers, vendors etc while doing his job. These people can have a bad experience with an under-performer & may chuck their relations with the company altogether. Thus a mis-hire can damage the company in an irreparable way by hitting the sources of revenues of the company.

Hidden Cost 3 : Work Productivity suffers

The mis-hire would impact the work productivity of an entire team in terms of quality, creativity & finesse. Working in team is very crucial as one’s work affect the efficiency of the entire team and hence can lead to bad quality products further damaging the business.

Hidden Cost 4 : Micromanagement Culture

The effort a manager has to put in getting work done from a misfit is much more than normal. It forces them to micromanage & sometimes even do the work themselves as they are answerable to the clients & the higher authorities. The point here is, it is not just a single mis-hire, there can be multiple of them & in that case, the sole work of a manager is lost & he is left with no choice but to work at micro level.

Hidden Cost 5 : Rushing to the next Recruitment Drive

So now, you are rid of the mis-hire, but you need resources to complete your work. For that, you will rush to a fresh recruiting process & without giving enough time to it, end up hiring another mis-hire thus getting stuck into a vicious circle.

Recruitment is not an easy task. Special time & effort needs to be invested in hiring the perfect individual which is correct for your company.

5 Hidden Costs Incurring to you Because of Mis-Hires

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