The 5 Types of Employees You Need For a Wonderful Startup

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What is the one factor that decides the fate of a startup? It’s the employees. Indeed, the employees are the backbone of the organisation that take the organisation to great heights with their skills and talents. A strong business policy becomes successful only when it is executed by the right set of people. That’s why more and more organisations are hiring the headhunters in Germany. Here are the types of employees every startup must have to take their first successful flight:

  1. Mentors
    To reach the path of success, a guiding source in the form of an experienced mentor is a must. There must be a few set of individuals who eagerly share their knowledge and experience with the new entrants and thus make them fit for the industry. This way the additional cost of hiring the trainers is put aside as the insiders can impart the right set of knowledge.
  2. Passionate individuals
    Passion is neither a skill nor an experience. It is an inner desire of an individual to work in the company’s interest. A person can be passionate about a field irrespective of he/she being in that field or having attained the knowledge of that subject. Such individuals go out of the way to work for their passion and thus give excellent performance. Hence, getting passionate people in the company is important.
  3. A genius
    A genius is always needed to lay the foundation stone of the start-up. The headhunters Germany believes that the genius bunch of people challenge the entire team and make them work for the goals they never thought they could ever achieve. A genius is required to release the unrealized potential present in each and every employee.
  4. A leader
    A leader leads the organisation with a vision. There must be an individual in the startup who will be responsible for calling out the shots. In a startup, different employees will bring different ideas, dreams, vision and thought to the table; hence there arise a need of an individual who will be entrusted with the task of taking the final call. A leader should be carefully picked and must be something others can take inspiration from.
  5. The follow-through
    Decisions are just plain statements unless and until they are put to practice. The Follow-Through is the individual who takes the idea suggested by the visionary and runs throughout the organisation to make it work. These people are great managers. They build the much-needed company’s structure and devise the roles for different contributors. The role of an executor is as important as is the role of a visionary.
The 5 Types of Employees You Need For a Wonderful Startup

How Tech Companies Should Attract And Retain Women Employees?

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The technology is predominantly a male-oriented industry because of the recruiters preferring to hire male employees in comparison to the females. However, there are various theories for the lack of female talent in the technology sector. The underlying fact that emerges is that the tech industry seems less attractive and welcoming to the females. It’s high time that the employers amend their theories, thoughts, perspective, policies and office environment in order to cater the female staff. Here are some of the ways to attract and retain the women employees in the tech organisations:

  • Remove the salary gap
    The first and the foremost thing the tech companies should do is to remove the gender-based salary policy and work towards the adage, ‘Equal pay for equal work’. The companies can undertake an HR Audit to ascertain the discrepancies in the linkage between work and pay. In case there are discrepancies, the salaries of both the male and female employees should be adjusted and amendments must take place in the HR policy to align the pay with the skills, knowledge and work.
  • Opportunities for networking
    When it comes to networking, sponsorship and mentoring, it is observed by the best Recruitment company in Germany that the females usually have fewer connections in comparison to the male counterparts. To foster networking elements to the career graph of the female employees, it is of great importance for the higher-ups to work personally with the females in different mentoring programs to give them the desired wings. This way the company can increase the upward mobility of the female employees.
  • Employee friendly leaves policy
    The conclusion derived by various recruitment companies in Germany is that the tech sector is unable to attract the female employees because of the non-attractive leave policy. The women are responsible for the child care and household responsibilities. Offering a friendly leave and maternity policy can definitely retain women talent in the tech business.
  • Flexible work timings
    The tech industry is changing quickly. With the advent of the virtual workspace, the employees can work right from the comfort of their home or virtually any place. This factor of flexibility is of great importance for the female employees who are required to balance their home along with their office commitments. Offer options for flexible timings and remote work location in order to retain the females and use their talent for the organisation’s success.
  • Modification in recruitment practices
    Avoid any sort of male-dominated language in the recruitment advertisements. Also, the hiring panels should have a diverse set of panellist and not only males. As per the researchers, the chance of hiring the females increased by nearly 50% when there is a diversity of the recruitment board.
How Tech Companies Should Attract And Retain Women Employees?

Does the Timings Matter When You Apply for a Tech Job?

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Is there something like the right time or the best time to apply for a Tech job? A lot of the job aspirants are running their minds in this direction. According to the various companies dealing in executive search in Germany, there are certain times, which are categorised as the best period to apply for a job whereas there are a few months which one must totally avoid. Here is a detailed account of the best and the worst times to apply for a Tech Job. Read further:

January- February- The best ones!
The beginning of the new year brings new hopes and bright chances of getting hired in technical fields. The things start running smoothly right from the second week of January with interviews and hiring procedures reaching their peak. This is because during these months the prime faces of the company are in the office with a newly allocated hiring budgets. So, the backlog of the job positions gets filled up quickly.

March- May- Reasonably Good!
The hiring surge continues till May, with tons of interviews getting lined up in each and every organisation. The best Executive search company in Germany feels that companies feel pressured to hire the right candidate as they approach the summer months. These months can also work in candidate’s favour.

June-August- Horrible ones!
These months bring with them a sudden drops in interviews and hiring procedures. The Managers are usually on vacations during this time, making it impossible to hold an interview. Also, most of the organisations fill up their positions by the end of summers. However, there are jobs in the market, but you need to be strong enough to withstand the competition as there are less number of applicants.

September-October-Good time to apply!
The entire process of getting hired works in a rhythmic pattern. The summers showed slow pace and the falls brings some speed. The downtime gets decreased and interviews start being conducted. This is second best time of the year after the January-February period to apply for a technical job. If you are on a job hunting spree, make the most of these two months.

November- December- Avoid!
In terms of job offers and interviews, these two months run at the speed of a tortoise. During these months, most of the HR managers put their Hiring agendas in abeyance for the next year’s hiring budget. Also, the months of winters brings a factor of laziness that badly impact the recruitment procedure. Consider submitting your resume during the last two weeks of the December month to stay ahead of the January rush.

Does the Timings Matter When You Apply for a Tech Job?

Best Time to Begin your Executive Search To be at the Right Place at the Right Time

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“Recently, I was asked if I was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company $600,000. No, I replied, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?”

-Thomas John Watson Sr., IBM

People are the key to the success of any company. Hiring the right person for the right job is what it takes to make your business grow and expand. Keeping a tab on the best talent in the industry is important but making sure they are available when you start the hunt is necessary. So in the end it’s all about the timing because the right person would be at the right place only at the right time.

Being one of the best Executive Search Agency in Germany, we have learnt that the one thing that is central to all executive searches is timing , timing and timing.

The Early months of the Year (January to March)

January – March Window is the most fruitful time to start your executive search. This is because most people tend to quit early  in the year for many reasons.

  1. The employees need some time to impress their organisation before their annual bonuses which usually takes place towards the end of the year.
  2. Holidays are a distracting time where nobody would be willing to quit their job and take up a new job with initial extra load that comes with it.
  3. A new enthusiasm can be felt in people after the holidays and hence the best pool can be tapped upon.
  4. People joining in the beginning of the year are less likely to take leaves and hence more value can be expected out of them.
  5. It is the beginning of the year and the recruitment budget set is fresh and plenty and hence you can be a little lenient in the negotiations.

The Period of Recruitment – Early January and August

We have already discussed about the importance of the Early january. It is also considered as a golden period because this is the time when many management courses are almost ended and there are plenty of fishes in the pond ready to be caught by your net. This is the time when you are back from holidays and find a dozens of resumes in your email box. Who knows, which will come in handy in the near future.

Early August is the time that is important for only a single reason – Low Competition. There are less hunters as compared to number of candidates and hence best could be picked with least effort and time.

Times to Avoid

Winter is the one time which I would suggest is a bad time to start any new recruitment process because you would not find what you are looking for and end up wasting your money. No one would want to quit his/her job at such crucial time of year.

Best Time to Begin your Executive Search To be at the Right Place at the Right Time