Does the Timings Matter When You Apply for a Tech Job?

executive search in Germany

Is there something like the right time or the best time to apply for a Tech job? A lot of the job aspirants are running their minds in this direction. According to the various companies dealing in executive search in Germany, there are certain times, which are categorised as the best period to apply for a job whereas there are a few months which one must totally avoid. Here is a detailed account of the best and the worst times to apply for a Tech Job. Read further:

January- February- The best ones!
The beginning of the new year brings new hopes and bright chances of getting hired in technical fields. The things start running smoothly right from the second week of January with interviews and hiring procedures reaching their peak. This is because during these months the prime faces of the company are in the office with a newly allocated hiring budgets. So, the backlog of the job positions gets filled up quickly.

March- May- Reasonably Good!
The hiring surge continues till May, with tons of interviews getting lined up in each and every organisation. The best Executive search company in Germany feels that companies feel pressured to hire the right candidate as they approach the summer months. These months can also work in candidate’s favour.

June-August- Horrible ones!
These months bring with them a sudden drops in interviews and hiring procedures. The Managers are usually on vacations during this time, making it impossible to hold an interview. Also, most of the organisations fill up their positions by the end of summers. However, there are jobs in the market, but you need to be strong enough to withstand the competition as there are less number of applicants.

September-October-Good time to apply!
The entire process of getting hired works in a rhythmic pattern. The summers showed slow pace and the falls brings some speed. The downtime gets decreased and interviews start being conducted. This is second best time of the year after the January-February period to apply for a technical job. If you are on a job hunting spree, make the most of these two months.

November- December- Avoid!
In terms of job offers and interviews, these two months run at the speed of a tortoise. During these months, most of the HR managers put their Hiring agendas in abeyance for the next year’s hiring budget. Also, the months of winters brings a factor of laziness that badly impact the recruitment procedure. Consider submitting your resume during the last two weeks of the December month to stay ahead of the January rush.

Does the Timings Matter When You Apply for a Tech Job?

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