Three Assumptions That Prevent Employers From Recruiting Best Talent

Most organizations today struggle to appropriately skilled candidates to fill critical roles, especially with the supply of talent being relatively limited. What complicates things further is the tendency of organizations to hire top talent from diverse niches having desirable skills and capabilities. Moreover, a large percentage of top professionals are opting for alternative work options such as freelancing and contracting. In addition to these hiring challenges, a recruitment company in Germany may also have to deal with the assumptions of their clients that might hinder effective talent engagement. The three most common of these assumptions are discussed in brief as follows.

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Passive Candidates Are The Best And Difficult To Find

It is a common perception that passive candidates are employed professionals, who are not actively seeking new opportunities. This, in turn, makes employers believe that finding such candidates is extremely difficult, despite the fact that they are likely to be the best choice for a given role. This assumption often makes employers overlook active job seekers who might possess truly great skills and might be seeking a job change due to various reasons. Employers need to let go of this assumption and focus on making their hiring strategies more transparent to make it easier for appropriately skilled candidates to join the organization.

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Greater Data Analysis Is The Key To Better Talent Acquisition

Most companies today rely extensively on the data acquired through various online sources to assess the suitability of a candidate for specific job positions. In fact, social media sites have become a major source for seeking candidate information in a relatively effortless manner. This often leads them to believe that the more data they analyze the greater are their chances of acquiring top talent. However, the recruiters tend to overlook the fact that even the most talented candidates may be lazy at doing some things, such as regularly updating their social media profiles. This makes them unaware of the fact that the information thus gained might be completely inaccurate and even irrelevant.

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Job Seekers Are Waiting For Employers To Find Them

Despite being an assumption it is true to a great extent which makes it quite misleading. Most job seekers feel that making any efforts to connect with the employers on their own is likely to make them come across a being desperate and incompetent. That is why they prefer the indirect method of approaching German recruitment agencies, hoping that their profile will get noticed by prospective employers. Hence, employers need to streamline the job requirements and give greater priority to providing timely response to candidate queries.

Three Assumptions That Prevent Employers From Recruiting Best Talent

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