Direct Search Recruitment: An Effective Recruitment Method

One of the most effective methods used for hiring the middle as well as senior level managers is the direct search recruitment method. This method targets only those candidates who possess the qualifications required for that particular job profile. The professionals are reached through various methods such as social media, networking and referrals given by employees and other experienced professionals. Direct search also involves making a target list of companies, identifying the people within the company who would fit and then approaching these people.

Particularly in Germany we find that quite a number of excellent candidates are actually not present in the social networks because they are suspicious of these. Therefore the only way to reach these is through direct search recruitment.

The recruitment firm needs to make a special effort when they indulge in a direct search. They need to have a holistic knowledge of the entire client industry, the needs specifically mentioned by the client and the job market under consideration. When the headhunters meet these requirements, they bring in success as well as satisfaction for both the candidates as well as clients.

Here are some of the benefits which can be expected by adopting the method of recruiting employees via direct search:

  • Target specialists and professionals
    When one opts for direct search as the strategy for recruitment of professionals, they reach out to even the passive professionals and specialists who are not actively in the process of seeking a job. These passive professionals are those people who have an attractive job profile but are currently satisfied with their job. By reaching out to those specialists who are already in a well-paid job, the executive search firms reach the great minds and give them an offer for a new opportunity.
  • Specialised recruitment tools
    When the recruiters apply any other method for hiring the middle or senior level managers, they are required to make use of the simple recruitment tools which can are available even in-house. But when it comes to the application of the direct search method of recruitment, the use of specialised tools are made which are usually not available in-house.
  • Higher chance of getting the best candidate
    The prime focus of any recruitment process is to obtain the best candidate for the particular job position. Through this method, both the active and passive categories of candidates are reached. The candidates are given the full package of information about the brand along with the qualifications required for the candidate and the specifications for that particular job profile. Thus, the chances of getting the best candidate multiplies.
  • Saves time
    By proactively selecting the best candidate from the job market, this method saves time that is often wasted in approaching and interacting with the not-so-fitting candidates. With this method of recruitment only the right professionals are contacted, interviewed and given the information about the client company.
  • Monetary savings
    With the direct search for the candidates, the candidates with the right set of qualifications, experience and specialisations are approached. Thus, the cost that a client may incur on re-recruitment is saved. What they get is simply the best for their organization.
Direct Search Recruitment: An Effective Recruitment Method