A Guide To The Process Of A Top Executive Search Agency In Germany

You have hired the top executive search agency in Germany. You have asked all the right questions before hiring them. You have done all the preparations needed to be done on your end. What next? Next, you need to understand the process followed by the top recruitment company in Germany you have hired. Every established company follows an extremely streamlined and laser focussed process of hiring in order to ensure that the candidate is hired quickly in a risk-free manner.

Here is a complete guide that will help you understand a generic process followed by executive search firms to make your business life a bit smoother:

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Understanding The Job Requirements

The first thing every executive search firm does after the identification of a vacancy is that they understand in detail the job requirements. In this process, they talk to the various stakeholders involved and try to understand the roles and responsibilities of the position they would be hiring for. In case of a new position, having a search firm gives you an edge in understanding the detailed requirements as they can suggest to you what type of candidates would be suitable for the position owing to their years of experience in this particular field.

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Screening And Shortlisting The Potential Candidates 

Once the job description is done, the next comes screening of the candidates and then shortlisting the most promising ones for the final round of interviews. The process followed here by the executive search firms is a bit different than the traditional process. Rather than rolling out an ad on the vacancy and waiting for the potential candidates to find them, they dive deep into their well-established network that consists of both active and passive candidates and find the ones that contain the right set of skills as well as would be a fit from the company culture perspective. This helps speed up the overall hiring process and also helps if the hiring needs to be kept confidential in the beginning.

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Smooth Onboarding Process

Once you have selected the candidate, it is time for the post-hiring formalities as well as ensuring a professional and smooth onboarding process. The search firms become a bridge between the companies and the candidate thus ensuring a smooth and professional onboarding process. They make sure that there is no room for misunderstanding thus keeping the employee happy from day one. This helps in keeping the overall morale of the employee and thus his/her team high and increases the overall productivity of the team. Also, happy employees are the retained employees thus the right hire can help you have a higher retention rate of the employees in the company thus saving a large amount of money in the overall hiring and re-hiring process.

A Guide To The Process Of A Top Executive Search Agency In Germany

Prime Reasons For Companies To Retain Headhunter Germany For Leadership Hiring

Executive search Germany companies are not seen just as recruiters or head hunters, but, credible ambassadors of their client organization. There was a time when the role of the headhunter Germany was limited to just finding the right candidate in accordance with the cultural fit of the organization, but now it has evolved to a great extent encompassing a number of other roles.

The recruiters are now seen as the chief advocate of the client organization communicating the vision, growth potential, culture and values of the organization to targeted segment of job seekers or leaders. They carry the power to enhance or reduce the employer’s brand’s ability and its charisma of attracting talented workforce.

Over the years, the companies have been advocating the use of hiring the services of an executive search partner for making suitable hiring, particularly for the leadership positions. With more and more fluidity available in the geographical boundaries and technology, making the world a small place, it becomes essential for companies to hire the strong and the right company as their executive recruiter.

Prime Reasons For Companies To Retain Headhunter Germany For Leadership Hiring

Here are the prime reasons for organizations to consider executive recruiter as the only option to make leadership hiring :

  • Passive Candidates

It might sound as an old school reason, but it is the most valid and considerate reason that makes companies hire recruitment companies for hiring top leaders. This is because the recruiters can communicate the values, USP, and culture of the organization to a wide variety of candidates belonging to different geographical boundaries and industries. This process paves way for selection of best candidates, including passive ones from a targeted segment of the industry.

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  • Specialists Of Recruitment

The Executive search individuals belong to the class of consultants who are in a position to bring a rich variety of industrial information as well as experience to the forefront. They have deep networks in their area of expertise which opens the door for industry insights, wisdom and information of senior leaders. The experienced search consultants need to be well-informed and networked. The only challenge here is to choose the right search partner using wisdom.

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  • Balancing Interest Of Candidates And Clients

If the organisations set up their internal hiring policy, they need to carefully take a look at the leadership mandates which the candidates will fulfill. The leadership talent across the world believes that their career goals as well as aspirations can better be represented by executive search company. Also, the candidates are a little hesitant in engaging directly with the hiring organisations.

When it is about hiring for critical positions, preferring the services of a recruitment company is better than searching. Being specialists, the benefits of executive search using the services of recruiters outweigh the cost involved in hiring the services of the recruitment company. It is always better to go to a specialist.

Prime Reasons For Companies To Retain Headhunter Germany For Leadership Hiring

6 Advantages Of Using The Best Executive Search Agency In Germany

There are many reasons for companies being hesitant to hire one of the best Executive Search Agencies in Germany to help them hire top-level leadership talent. They are hesitant to pay the cost of retaining a firm, or they’re just skeptical of the whole hiring process. And by being skeptical, these companies miss out on an opportunity to hire the best leader for their company.

Here is a list of advantages to hiring an agency for your executive search in Germany:

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Many companies make a common mistake of using an in-house team while hiring C-level positions and end up wasting a lot of time and money. But it is not enough to simply post the opening on job boards and expect to find the right fit for the company.

The top executives are employed, passive, and busy leaders who are solely relying on their network, connections, and referrals. Executive recruiters have built up connections with top and thus can get you back door access to the most inaccessible people and their networks.

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Save Time And Money

Reaching out to top candidates is a strategic, and time-taking effort that needs a full-fledged team working round the clock. Having a search firm can not only help you save a lot of time by speeding up the process and changing the mode of hire but will also save you a lot of money in terms of risk of having a bad hire. In the longer run, the cost of hiring an executive search firm is actually more cost-effective.

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Only Interview The Best Of The Best

Another advantage of having a search firm to work for you is that you get to the most relevant potential candidates to pick from. You do not have to go through the hassle of screening hundreds of resumes. Search agencies find you the potential candidates that are relevant in terms of skill set as well as in terms of cultural fit thus ensuring the best in the industry to be sitting opposite the interview table.

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Quickly Fill Difficult Roles

Search agencies with their people to people approach can help you quickly fill the difficult roles by leveraging upon their wide network. This can help you save a lot of cost in terms of the hiring process as well as the losses a company may incur while that particular position is vacant.

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Get Guidance On a Newly Created Executive Role

Many growing, small businesses constantly need to add executive leadership positions and may not have any idea what to look for in a particular candidate. Executive search firms having been filled hundreds of top-level positions can help you with these newly created roles and thus can guide you through the entire hiring process.

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Sometimes you may need to replace an underperforming executive and this could be tricky as it can lead to turmoil in the company. Such roles need to be filled with the utmost confidentiality and trust in the hiring team.

An executive search firm can ensure complete confidentiality and can also help you identify the traits and qualities that were lacking in the current executive. They can then find you the right fit in minimum time with maximum secrecy.

6 Advantages Of Using The Best Executive Search Agency In Germany

Selecting The Right Firm For Your Executive Search in Germany

The first step to selecting the right search firm amongst the top 10 executive search agency in Germany is deciding what you need from the firm when you hire one. If you are a CEO and is new to the world of executive search Germany, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before hiring the firm you think would be fit for your company.

Finding the right search firm can be a bit intimidating at times and so asking these questions to yourself before you ask it to the firm you are considering would help.

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Why Do I Need An Executive Search Firm?

The answer to this will help you understand the exact requirements you need the firm to cater to. The rule is simple here. Till the time you do not know what you want in general, how will you know if the search firm will be able to deliver as per your expectations?

So to answer this question, you can list down all the positions you want to fill that are crucial to your organization. Next, you need to see what kind of specific skills would be crucial to your particular business type. And finally, you need to understand, what are the criteria for you to decide whether a particular candidate would be a cultural fit for the company in the long term.

Answering these questions not only will help you select the right firm but will also give you a mental clarity for the final rounds of interviews when you actually have to select one candidate amongst the well-curated list of candidates that the search firm has provided you.

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How Often Would I Need Their Services?

This is important when you are making a decision on selecting a search firm. Ask yourself, “Is it a one-time thing or would I need them again and again?” The answer to this will help you select the firm you can see yourself working for a long time.

So how can you predict the answer to this very question? The key lies in your expansion plans for the organization. If you are aiming at rapid expansion in the coming months, then the requirement for the executive level positions would be more and hence it will help you select which firm you think would deem fit in that criteria.

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What Industry Do I Cater To?

You probably know the answer to this question. But writing it down and really doing the anatomy of it will help you find the detailed specifications. Knowing these will help you select the firm. You can always prefer a firm that has worked in a similar industry before. As they already would have a deep network of both passive and active candidates from the industry that could be a perfect fit for your organization.

Selecting The Right Firm For Your Executive Search in Germany

Tips To Promote Happiness At Work For Building A Motivated Workforce

It is a well-acknowledged fact that the happiness satisfaction level of the employees directly impacts organizational success. Happy employees tend to be more productive, creative, resilient and tend to behave in a more engaging manner with their peers and customers. Hence, it is not really surprising that the experts from the top executive search agency Germany stress the importance of ensuring the happiness of employees at workplace. In this context, these agencies advise their clients to follow the below-discussed tips for promoting happiness at work.

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Understand Employee Expectations

Organizations need to pay greater attention to factors other than compensation and career growth that can act as efficient drivers to promote happier work life. These factors are often related to the expectations of the employees with respect to types of jobs and responsibilities being assigned to them. If these are not in tandem with the skills and competency level of the employees, they are unlikely to feel happy or satisfied.

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Honest And Timely Recognition And Appreciation

Employees need to feel valued and appreciated for their hard work and efforts made with the aim of ensuring business growth. At the same time, they need any such recognition to be fair and honest and most importantly it needs to be offered at the right time. Constructive and honest appreciation of employee achievements in a timely manner can go a long way in enhancing their sense of happiness and well-being at work.

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Promote A Sense Of Trust And Mutual Respect

A work culture based on mutual trust and respect between co-workers as well as employees and their superiors naturally creates a happy environment. It enables the employees to express their views and present their ideas freely without the fear of being ridiculed or admonished. According to the best executive search agency Germany, this can, in turn, enhance the overall happiness level of the employees and make them more efficient and committed towards the company.

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Offer A Flexible Work Environment

Even though the concept of flexible work culture is traditionally frowned upon German business setups, it is gaining much popularity in terms of promoting employee happiness. A flexible work environment makes it easier for employees to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. It helps in reducing their stress level as they are able plan their work in a better manner and enhance their productivity without neglecting their other personal responsibilities.

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Address Issues That Might Be Hindering Employee Performance

Companies need to make it easier for employees to discuss any problems they might be facing at work with their superiors. In addition, they need to ensure that these problems are resolved at the earliest and preferably without the need for the employees to remind the managers about the same. These small steps can make the employees feel truly valued and this will naturally enhance their sense of self-worth and happiness.

Tips To Promote Happiness At Work For Building A Motivated Workforce

Reasons To Retain The Best Executive Search Agency In Germany

You have come a long way from the first time you started your business. The organization has now hit the hockey-stick inflection point in its growth and you know it in your heart that the company now needs more experienced leadership to scale. So a VP-level search is on its way and you know it will be incredibly hard to fill. All the good reasons to go looking at the top 10 recruitment companies in Germany.

And now that you have found the best executive search agency in Germany, it is time to retain it and here is why:

Reasons To Retain The Best Executive Search Agency In Germany

  1. Because You Don’t Need Just Good, You Need The Best

The search firm can help you do a large amount of work that is required for hiring the top performing talent available in the market. With years of experience and a large database to help them, they can find just the right fit for your company. After all, you do not want a senior executive, you want someone who is truly great.

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  1. The Search Is Incredibly Important

Executive Searches for the positions that report to the Chief Executive Officer usually are way too important for the in-house team to handle. An expert with years of experience is what is needed for the task as hires at that level can make or break a company. Hiring a retained search firm can help mitigate this risk.

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  1. Seeking A Candidate With A Rare Mix Of Skills

Executive searches usually involve highly specific set of skills that is more like seeking the proverbial needle in the haystack and a search firm is totally up for the task as they have the database of not only active candidates but also the passive ones who possess the exact skill set but are not aggressively looking for a change but given a chance they will be willing to explore new opportunities. Search firms can deliver you just the right amount of potential candidates with the right mix of skills, knowledge, and abilities along with the right cultural fit for you to pick and choose from.

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  1. The Senior Executive Position Is New And Is Just Created

In this case, you surely do not have an in-house resource to help you skim through the applicants, do the screening, take initial interviews and present you with only best-fit candidates for final set of interviews but having a firm by your side will give you the access to experts who can then bridge the knowledge gap with their domain know-how.

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  1. You Do Not Have The Time Or Resources To Take On An Executive Search

As discussed, finding a candidate for a senior-level position is no peace of cake. You have to do the right amount of advertising to catch the eyes of active candidates and then also you will be losing out on the passive ones. You would need to skim through hundreds of applications that won’t be fit for the role with a possibility that even the right ones would fall off the cracks of your inexperience. It will take you a lot of time and then in the end, if there is a wrong hire, the stakes would be really high for you. Having a search firm can save you from the hassle and will make the whole process a walk in the park easy for you.

Reasons To Retain The Best Executive Search Agency In Germany

4 Keys To A Successful Executive Search In Germany

The race for top talent is on, and winning this race is one of the decisive factors in the success story of virtually every firm on the planet.

In this tight talent market, one of the best is chased by many employers. These candidates are highly skilled but are also passive and are happily employed in their current companies but given the opportunity, they would be more than happy to explore new options. But the only problem is that these passive candidates are too busy working in their current roles to check the job boards you so proudly displayed. This is where the top recruitment companies in Germany come into play.

These firms have the reputation, experience, as well as technology to attract these in-demand passive employees thus expediting your executive search Germany  process in Germany.

Here is a list of four keys to ensuring success while working with a recruitment firm:

4 Keys To A Successful Executive Search In Germany

  1. Develop A Strong, Detailed Job Specification 

As they say, “A person who focuses on nothing hits it with amazing accuracy.” The same holds true for the executive search process. In order to find that one candidate who is an excellent fit, you need to develop a very exact and detailed job description.

This will help the recruiter to find the right set of candidates with specific skill sets and experiences. A detailed specification will also help in the screening process giving you access to only the relevant candidates. This will not only save a lot of your time but will also speed up the overall recruitment and onboarding process.

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  1. Don’t Play ‘Hurry Up And Wait’

Quick decision making is key to healthy executive search process. The recruitment company will find you the most suitable candidate but making a quick decision on them is your sole responsibility. Top candidates do not like to be kept waiting. They are not interested in a job where the employer is either rethinking or resetting its strategy.

Therefore, in order to recruit passive candidates successfully, momentum is the rule. Keep the process moving, and you will impress them enough to come join your company. Stall and they will quickly lose interest or even worse get picked up by a competing firm.

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  1. Follow A Structured Interview Process

Keeping momentum in mind, there is a caution that needs to be practiced too that is not dropping your guard. No matter how speedy the recruitment process, the interview process should be well structured. There should be a formal vetting process that uses deep-dive interviews to filter out weak candidates.

Best practice for structured interviews :

– multiple screening interviews via phone, skype, and face to face;

– a behavioral assessment

– and an in-depth 2-4 hour interview

After the extensive interview, the decision can be taken swiftly because the entire team can make an informed decision.

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  1. Be Patient

Everything being said, finding the right candidate can take time. So stay patient and wait to find the right match. A top-notch firm will find great candidates who meet your needs. But as painful as the wait may seem, hiring the wrong candidate can set your organization back months. As they say, “No breath is better than bad breath” when it comes to sourcing talent.

4 Keys To A Successful Executive Search In Germany