Understanding The Problem Of Skill Shortage And The Best Ways To Overcome The Same

The term skill shortage has become extremely common in the recent years and has even become the most important topic of discussion within the recruitment industry. However, only a small percentage of people understand the true concept of skill shortage and its impact on hiring process within different business organizations. According to the experts from the top recruitment company Germany, skill shortage is not actually an issue of a decline in the number of suitably qualified professionals. Rather it needs to be viewed as the problem of constantly widening gap between specialists and skilled workers within a specific nice. Discussed below are some key reasons that have been deemed responsible for this ever widening gap and the best ways to resolve the same.

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Large Scale Migration Of Skilled Workers

Extensive globalization has opened up countless new avenues of employment for skilled professionals. This has resulted in mass migration of such professionals seeking better growth opportunities and the promise of a healthier lifestyle. The migrating workers leave a significant gap in the talent pools of their native countries and this, in turn, translates into a major skill shortage. In this  respect, companies from across the globe have much to learn from German business organizations, which have already taken the necessary steps to minimize migration of skilled workers by providing them the desired perks and benefits along with a great work-life balance within the country itself.

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A Considerable Generation Gap Between Old And New Workers

There is a huge gap between the older and younger generation of skilled professionals across the country. This is a matter of serious concern as soon the country is likely to reach a stage where it would no longer have any appropriately experienced professionals to replace the retiring leaders of the old cadre. Most of the professionals available at the time would have just started their careers and would be too inexperienced to take up senior leadership roles. In order to overcome this problem, the experts from the best executive search agency Germany advice their clients to hire overseas professionals with the right knowledge and experience for their middle management positions. In addition, they are also considering the fast tracking the training and development of younger professionals having leadership potential to prepare them for such roles in the near future.

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Lack Of Appropriate And Affordable Training Programs

Despite the rapid advances in technology, the cost of professional education and training has been on the rise. This prevents many candidates with the right attitude and the potential to gain the skills and the knowledge desired by business organizations for various executive roles. While the demand for such professionals continues to grow, only a small number of them are actually available since high education and training costs make it out of reach of a majority of candidates. In this context, it is important for business organizations to take the initiative of providing appropriate financial help and support to candidates having the competence to learn new skills. Such initiatives provide the organizations with a diverse talent pool of professionals, who are likely to remain committed and loyal to the company for a long time.

Understanding The Problem Of Skill Shortage And The Best Ways To Overcome The Same

Five Traits Of Leadership Candidates Capable Of Getting Things Done

When it comes to hiring leadership candidates, most business organizations seek candidates with a specific skill set and impressive accomplishments listed on their resume. However, only a handful of professionals with seemingly strong leadership potential possess the ability to actually bring about a quantum change. This exceptional gift is found in candidates irrespective of the context and phase of their career and is referred to as Result Intelligence (RI) by recruitment companies in Germany and those across the globe. In general, candidates with a high RI are known to possess the following five traits making it possible for them to get things done.

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Always Focused On The Objectives : Leadership candidates capable of getting things done are constantly focused on the objectives of their team and their organization. In addition to having an absolutely clear understanding of these objectives, every decision of these professionals is taken in the direction of achieving these objectives. For this, they break down the final objectives into simpler components and processes and then work towards achieving the same in an organized manner. Most such professionals tend to have exceptional planning skills and have a practical approach towards getting tasks done and ensuring accountability.

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Aggressively Seek The Right Resources : People with a high RI understand the significance of having the right resources at their disposal to get the desired results. Hence, they work aggressively to ensure that these resources are provided to them at all costs. Whether they require more people, more money or any other type of resource, these professionals make sure that they are provided with the same and in a timely manner, no matter how assertively they need to demand the same.

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Know The Rules And Bend Them When Necessary : Leadership candidates are well aware of the rules and processes that govern the functioning of an organization. While they ensure that these rules are adhered to by the members of the workforce, they also show a willingness to bend these rules if it ensures better efficiency and performance. According to the experts from the companies offering executive search Germany, such rule breaking reflects the commitment of the potential leaders to get the desired results even at the cost of risking their own professional integrity. However, it is important for these leaders to have a proper understanding of which rules can be broken and which cannot be tampered with.

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Do Not Let Criticism Affect Them : Professionals committed to getting the desired results are used to being criticized by their peers and in some cases even their seniors. However, they do not let such criticism affect their decisions and working. They do not believe in appeasing people simply because they are well placed and connected within the organization. Rather they seek and ensure the participation of only the most efficient and competent professionals in the projects being handled by them.

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Do Not Accept Any Excuses : The go-getters o not accept any excuses for failure, even from themselves. When faced with a roadblock, they seek alternate means to get a task done. These professionals generally set high expectations and standards for themselves as well as others to get the best results.

Five Traits Of Leadership Candidates Capable Of Getting Things Done

What Are Creative Recruitment Strategies Adopted By Top Executive Search Agency Germany For Finding Candidates?

The most significant struggle faced by the smaller businesses is finding and recruiting the talented candidates who can take the business to new heights. They reach a state of dilemma where they have to choose whether to focus on strategies for capturing the business opportunities or strategies for making best hires.

This is when the top Executive search agency Germany can come to the rescue and bring the top talent with their creative strategies. Although there is no set formula to get success in recruiting, creatively blending the internet tools with the face-to-face interaction can grab the attention of the best of the candidates. Thus, gone are the days when the best recruitment company Germany used to rely on the strategies of posting the jobs on the online portals. Now the time calls for thinking out of the box, this is the reason the recruitment agencies are heading for creatively wrapped strategies. Have a look at these strategies:

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  • Live And Hunt

This is the prominent strategy adopted by the recruiters these days. They go on the question-answer websites or the technology blogs to be in the space where the targeted talent is present. They take part in the interactive sessions and group discussions held at different forums to gain an essence of how the prospective candidates desire to be connected. They even tell the candidates during the discussions about the hiring company and its vision and organisational culture. This way an informal dialogue about the recruitment gets started.

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  • Hiring Happy Hours

During the process of hiring for a particular organisation, the recruitment agencies, hosts hiring happy hours at their office or during some event, industry meet or any website. They use spaces to advertise about the job posting which cost nothing to the recruiters as well as the hiring organisation. Make sure the hiring managers are also present during the hiring happy hours to make on the spot hiring. This strategy works massively for the companies in the growth stage who have a bulk of job postings waiting for the right candidate.

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  • Hit The Qualified Past Candidates

Every recruiter tells the job seekers that their resume is put for future use. But how many firms actually notify these candidates? The recruiters are actually making use of this ‘we will call you’. Reach out to the finalist candidates who made to the last rounds, but unfortunately their selection was not done. The database of such candidates can be a great source of talented candidates. So, recruiters these days use email marketing as well as social media accounts to re-engage such candidates.

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  • Re-Engage The Social Media Accounts Of Client Organisation

Without doubt, the Social media is a powerful tool. People make a genuine use of it when it comes to job postings. The recruiters advise their clients to post pictures and videos of happy employees and their thriving experience of working in the organisation on the career page to make the prospective candidate understand how it is like working here.

Indeed, the creative recruitment strategies can bring great advantage to the hiring process. The little innovation added to the recruitment possibilities makes the German recruitment agencies, the best executive search firms.

What Are Creative Recruitment Strategies Adopted By Top Executive Search Agency Germany For Finding Candidates?

Why Hiring The Recruitment Company Germany Is Considered As Good Business Decision?

There is a great advent of the Recruitment company Germany with each and every organization hiring the services of these firms to get their hiring issues resolved. These companies not only help in avoiding making a wrong hiring decision, but also minimizes the chances of getting trapped in any legal liabilities on account of hiring the employees.

So, are you still in doubt as to whether hiring the services of Executive Search Germany is a good or a bad business decision?

We give you 4 concrete reasons which proves that hiring the recruiter firms is a rewarding business decision. Take a look:

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Proven Search Tools

The better candidate depends upon the better search made for hiring them. The professional recruiters have a bunch of recruiting tools and know where to look for whom. Right from the online professional networks to contacts at other business, these executive search firms have a history of producing great hires. They possess good experience in getting together the best candidates and know where and what will give the relevant results. You may be knowing the job sites, but not like the way they know these sites and other online spaces.

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Knowledge Of Job Market

The recruiters have the knowledge of the job market and the prevailing trends; thus are able to give a clear picture of what kind of talent is available in the market. They also have the tools of web analytics which provides important information on aspects such as market pay rates and salary ranges. Knowing these aspects before the hiring process can indeed make the hiring process an enriching one. Thus, it saves you from spending your time and energy on the candidate you can’t afford. Also, there are industry specific recruiters also, you may hire in accordance to industry you deal in.

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Hidden Job Market

Passive candidates! If you recruit at your own, your vision will be limited to the job boards, which include the people who are looking for a job change. But, sourcing the candidates who are not even looking for a job change by convincing them that the job opportunity it too good to waste is what the recruitment firms can do for you. They approach these candidates with tactics and makes available the best talent in the industry for the hiring organization.

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Pre-Screen The Candidates

Since, you are a business owner, you need to juggle between managing your business and recruiting the employees. For executive search agencies, recruitment is their prime domain area, thus they have ample time to thoroughly prescreen each and every candidate. The recruiters swipe through the piles of resumes which reaches their office and will call the prospective candidates and conduct an initial round of interview in order to prescreen the candidates, so that the narrow-down list of candidates reach the business organization. They also suggest the good-to-fit candidates for the particular organization.

As a business leader, trying to manage the recruitment process and its related issue may be considered as wasting away of time. Also, the recruiter can handle the recruitment process in an organized manner and in compliance to the law of the land. Thus, it is definitely a good business decision if you take the services of the recruitment agencies.

Why Hiring The Recruitment Company Germany Is Considered As Good Business Decision?

5 Effective Ways To Build Trust While Hiring Top Recruitment Firms Germany

The high level of competition as well as the need to minimize the recruitment time and effort, leads most business organizations to seek the services of reliable recruitment firms. However, in order to get sustainable and value-added results, it is essential for hiring organizations to work towards building a strong relationship based on trust with their recruitment partners. Discussed below are 5 effective trust-building activities that can help the hiring organizations to strengthen their bond with the top executive search agency Germany and get the desired results.

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Avoid Working With Multiple Search Firms

It is a common habit of hiring organizations, to keep switching between different search firms or even work with multiple search firms at once. This prevents them from focusing on developing a productive and trust-based relationship with a single search partner. Thus they are unable to reap the benefits of having a long-term relationship with a single search firm. These benefits might include more effective strategic thinking and advice along with a willingness of the search partners to undertake less lucrative assignments which might be extremely important for the business.

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Keep The Search Partners Updated About New Developments

The hiring organizations should make sure that they do not communicate with their search partner only when they have a recruitment need. Rather they should develop the habit of interacting regularly with the recruitment companies and keep them updated about any new developments within the organization. Such informal chats with a trusted and impartial external observer can help the hiring organizations to gain valuable insights about enhancing business efficiency and productivity. Most importantly, such interactions can strengthen the bond between the two parties and can help the business organizations to stay updated about the goings-on in the outside world.

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Help Them Gain A Better Understanding Of The Business

A good search partner is expected to provide the best recruitment results in the form of highly competent and productive professionals. However, this can be ensured only if the best recruitment company Germany has an in-depth understanding of the client business. This makes it possible for the search partners to take a strategic view and offer reliable advice to the clients with respect to filling a vacancy in the most suitable manner.

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Consider Their Opinion About The Right Candidate For A Job Position

The expectations of the hiring organizations about the right candidate for a job position might not always be realistic. This can make the task of filling the vacancy quite difficult and even time-consuming. In this context, the search agencies generally have a more realistic view about the skills and capabilities of the right candidate Hence, considering their opinion can not only help build trust but also ensure the recruitment of best candidates.

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Ensure A High Level Of Transparency In All Dealings

Whether it is their preference of specific candidate skills or their doubts about the recruitment strategies of their search partners, hiring organizations should make sure to maintain a high level of transparency in all their dealings with search partners. This makes it easier for recruitment agencies to understand the needs and expectations of their clients and also to provide them with the most effective solutions.

5 Effective Ways To Build Trust While Hiring Top Recruitment Firms Germany

Key Features Of A Great Job Advertisement For Almost Any Role

Contrary to popular belief, job advertisements are still an integral part of most recruitment drives. In fact, it is quite common for a recruitment agency Germany post job ads on various channels to attract the best candidates. However, the kind of response that the recruiters get in terms of the number and quality of candidates, depends largely on the quality of the ad itself. Creating a great job ad is often not as difficult a task as it is made to be. Given below are the brief details of the key features of a good job ad that can help attract the right candidates, irrespective of the position being offered.

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Details Of Day-To-Day Responsibilities

The job advertisement should provide comprehensive details about the day-to-day responsibilities that the candidates would be expected to handle. This information is essential to help the prospective candidates access their suitability for the role with respect to their existing skill set and experience. It also helps the recruiters to clarify their expectations from prospective candidates at the very start of the recruitment process.

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Brief Details Of The Company

A good job advertisement offers a brief introduction of the hiring organization to any prospective candidates interest in applying for the job. The description may or may not offer the name of the organization, but it should include information about the different sectors in which the business is operating. In addition, aspects such as the work culture and environment within the organization should also be covered in brief.

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Any Must Have As Well As Desired Skills

The candidates should have a clear understanding of the skills that are an absolute must for applying to the job as well as any other skills that may be desired but are not necessary. This piece of information can play a critical role in ensuring that only the most suitable candidates apply for the job. It can help considerable time and effort for both the recruitment professionals and the hiring organizations besides improving quality of candidates.

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Basic Compensation And Benefit Details

One of the biggest mistakes committed by business organizations while framing a job ad is to leave out the basic details about compensation and benefits being offered. This creates a sense of uncertainty amongst the candidates and they are able to assess the true worth of the job option. That is why the professionals offering executive search Germany services advice their clients to include compensation as well as basic benefit details in their job advertisements to make them truly appealing. It also helps the candidates to establish realistic expectations with respect to salary negotiations during the interview process.

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Appropriate Call To Action

A good job advertisement is incomplete if it does not offer any information about the call to action for the candidates. The advertisement should clearly specify how and where the candidates need to proceed to apply for the job. It should also offer information about the key documents that the candidates would be expected to submit along with the job application and CV. Most importantly, it should provide any other information and details that are essential for the candidates to know before applying for the advertised position.

Key Features Of A Great Job Advertisement For Almost Any Role

Four Things Recruiters Need To Remember While Composing Job Posting Ads

Posting job ads is still one of the most effective ways of attracting potential candidates for a available position within an organization. However, unlike the earlier times, posting of such ads is no longer restricted to newspapers and career magazines. In fact, in the modern times more jobs are posted online than in the more traditional media. However, many times despite their extensive job posting activities, recruiters are not able to attract the right candidates for the specified jobs. The professionals from the top executive search agency Germany believe that this is often due to the tendency of the recruiters to overlook the below discussed important factors while composing such ads.

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Wrong Presentation Of Company Culture

Company culture has come to play a key role in attracting top talent towards the hiring organizations. This often makes the recruiters go overboard while offering details about the company culture in their job posting. The idea is to present the organization in a positive light to make the candidates feel content about taking up the job offer. However, sugar-coating things will only lead to loss of time, money and effort in the hiring process as the candidates will become aware of the truth as soon as they join the organization. This will make them feel not only dejected but also cheated leading them to quit the position at the earliest.

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Avoid Talking About Benefits And Perks

Most recruiters feel that a job ad is not the right place to provide information about the benefits and perks associated with a specific position. However, this is sure to drive the candidates away more than anything else. The benefits and perks are in fact considered by many to be the real selling points in a job ad. They help the candidates assess the suitability of the proposed position not only with respect to their own skills and competence but also in accordance to the expected responsibilities and duties associated with the job. So it is highly advisable for the recruiters to use the job ads to flaunt whatever benefits and perks they will be offering to the candidates willing to join the organization.

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Overloading The Ad With Meaningless Buzzwords

Many times even the top recruiters from the best recruitment company Germany are tempted to use some fancy words in the job ad content. However, rather than making the ad sound more informative, these meaningless buzzwords can actually be the cause of confusion for prospective candidates. In most cases, the use of these words makes it difficult for the candidates to understand the requirements and responsibilities of the job position. They are thus less likely to apply for posts which they feel have been described in too vague manner.

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Overlooking The Significance Of Mobile Recruitment

Mobile recruitment has become an integral part of the modern hiring process and recruiters who fail to understand its significance have to pay a costly price. Overlooking the need to compose mobile friendly ads often results in lot opportunities for recruiters to target the right candidates in an effective and timely manner. Moreover, it prevents them from harnessing the vast potential of the ever expanding market of mobile using professionals.

Four Things Recruiters Need To Remember While Composing Job Posting Ads