The Best Executive Search Agency In Germany Is Searching For You

The German recruitment agency specializes in headhunting and helps companies of foreign origin recruit people they need in Germany. People can be from a wide range: from simple sales staff to country managers, marketing managers, CFOs, IT professionals and others. Top headhunting companies in Germany have the experience of more than 25 years in the business. They understand the cultural differences between other countries and Germany and work accordingly to choose the right employees with which you can grow your German business.

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How Does A Headhunting Agency Work?

Some of the best executive search agencies in Germany have highly skilled professionals with vast experience in the business. This helps them in identifying top talent and with the help of a strong network of contacts,they are supported by an enthusiastic team. The agencies have a regional hub in the concentrated areas and have a sector driven approach. They have a comprehensive approach which not only provides recruitment but also provides advisory services to the client. Decision making is the most important criteria in the quickly changing environment. Thus agencies help in identifying the candidates who are fit for the job and the environment.

Where Are These Agencies Active?

The work of the agencies is majorly focused on Germany but there are also some highly rated agencies which are active in the European Union. These agencies come in contact with all types of industries. The industry may vary from food, automotive, automation, calibration and consumer goods and retail sectors. These sectors are in a constant demand for the new work force to thrive in business.

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Why Headhunting Agencies?

According to this the candidates and the companies which were matched by an executive search agency or ahead-hunting agency were far more satisfied than those who went through the regular recruitment process. The advantage of the headhunting firm over the ordinary recruitment process is that not only it provides a large filter which helps the recruiters avoid the candidates who are not fit for the job. The number of applicants are drastically reduced which gives the companies more time to evaluate the potential of every deserving candidate and choose the best of them. At the same time, the candidates are provided with job offers by assessing their true potential. Thus the job is more suited to the skill set of the candidate, which helps him win the job more easily.

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Thus successful head-hunting means in-depth analyses of the market and customer requirements. It is not enough to learn the basics and have an abstract knowledge of business to start the work as an executive search agency. It requires the right understanding of business, a detailed background and need of the customer, a professional team with strong ethics and many years of experience. These virtues when combined distinguish a good executive search agency from an average or moderate agency.

The Best Executive Search Agency In Germany Is Searching For You

Does the Timings Matter When You Apply for a Tech Job?

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Is there something like the right time or the best time to apply for a Tech job? A lot of the job aspirants are running their minds in this direction. According to the various companies dealing in executive search in Germany, there are certain times, which are categorised as the best period to apply for a job whereas there are a few months which one must totally avoid. Here is a detailed account of the best and the worst times to apply for a Tech Job. Read further:

January- February- The best ones!
The beginning of the new year brings new hopes and bright chances of getting hired in technical fields. The things start running smoothly right from the second week of January with interviews and hiring procedures reaching their peak. This is because during these months the prime faces of the company are in the office with a newly allocated hiring budgets. So, the backlog of the job positions gets filled up quickly.

March- May- Reasonably Good!
The hiring surge continues till May, with tons of interviews getting lined up in each and every organisation. The best Executive search company in Germany feels that companies feel pressured to hire the right candidate as they approach the summer months. These months can also work in candidate’s favour.

June-August- Horrible ones!
These months bring with them a sudden drops in interviews and hiring procedures. The Managers are usually on vacations during this time, making it impossible to hold an interview. Also, most of the organisations fill up their positions by the end of summers. However, there are jobs in the market, but you need to be strong enough to withstand the competition as there are less number of applicants.

September-October-Good time to apply!
The entire process of getting hired works in a rhythmic pattern. The summers showed slow pace and the falls brings some speed. The downtime gets decreased and interviews start being conducted. This is second best time of the year after the January-February period to apply for a technical job. If you are on a job hunting spree, make the most of these two months.

November- December- Avoid!
In terms of job offers and interviews, these two months run at the speed of a tortoise. During these months, most of the HR managers put their Hiring agendas in abeyance for the next year’s hiring budget. Also, the months of winters brings a factor of laziness that badly impact the recruitment procedure. Consider submitting your resume during the last two weeks of the December month to stay ahead of the January rush.

Does the Timings Matter When You Apply for a Tech Job?

Best Time to Begin your Executive Search To be at the Right Place at the Right Time

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“Recently, I was asked if I was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company $600,000. No, I replied, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?”

-Thomas John Watson Sr., IBM

People are the key to the success of any company. Hiring the right person for the right job is what it takes to make your business grow and expand. Keeping a tab on the best talent in the industry is important but making sure they are available when you start the hunt is necessary. So in the end it’s all about the timing because the right person would be at the right place only at the right time.

Being one of the best Executive Search Agency in Germany, we have learnt that the one thing that is central to all executive searches is timing , timing and timing.

The Early months of the Year (January to March)

January – March Window is the most fruitful time to start your executive search. This is because most people tend to quit early  in the year for many reasons.

  1. The employees need some time to impress their organisation before their annual bonuses which usually takes place towards the end of the year.
  2. Holidays are a distracting time where nobody would be willing to quit their job and take up a new job with initial extra load that comes with it.
  3. A new enthusiasm can be felt in people after the holidays and hence the best pool can be tapped upon.
  4. People joining in the beginning of the year are less likely to take leaves and hence more value can be expected out of them.
  5. It is the beginning of the year and the recruitment budget set is fresh and plenty and hence you can be a little lenient in the negotiations.

The Period of Recruitment – Early January and August

We have already discussed about the importance of the Early january. It is also considered as a golden period because this is the time when many management courses are almost ended and there are plenty of fishes in the pond ready to be caught by your net. This is the time when you are back from holidays and find a dozens of resumes in your email box. Who knows, which will come in handy in the near future.

Early August is the time that is important for only a single reason – Low Competition. There are less hunters as compared to number of candidates and hence best could be picked with least effort and time.

Times to Avoid

Winter is the one time which I would suggest is a bad time to start any new recruitment process because you would not find what you are looking for and end up wasting your money. No one would want to quit his/her job at such crucial time of year.

Best Time to Begin your Executive Search To be at the Right Place at the Right Time

Learning About The Various Aspects Of Hiring Quality Candidates

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One of the key factors that organizations need to consider while hiring new candidates is their quality. However, a large number of organizations are generally unaware of the most appropriate methods that can be used for measuring quality. This is yet another reason that makes business organizations seek the services of the best executive search agency Germany, to ensure that they get good quality candidates, who match the performance expectations of the organization.

Defining Quality

Most professional executive search agencies define quality in accordance with specific needs and expectations of the client organization. This is because every organization follows a different set of parameters to describe quality that they seek within a candidate. While some organizations might focus on the professional qualifications and experience of the candidates, others might pay greater attention to their performance and interpersonal skills. Most organizations seek candidates who can easily adjust with the team and the work culture of the organization and intend to stay with the company for a reasonably long period of time.

Parameters That Influence Quality

It is important for the business organizations to understand that quality of candidates might be influenced by different parameters described below.

Role And Responsibility: In general the roles and responsibilities that the candidates are expected to handle often affect their quality in a deep manner. In case the candidates feel that their role within an organization is not at par with their experience or qualification, they might not reach the expected benchmark of quality and prove to be a regrettable hiring decision.

Support From Management: Most good quality candidates do not provide optimal performance as they do not get the right kind of support from the management. This is especially true for candidates hired for leadership roles within the organization as working with an unsupportive management tends to de-motivate them and bring down the quality of their performance. It also creates a sense of dissent and increases the risk of the candidates seeking better options.

Growth Options: Organizations offering ample growth options for suitable candidates generally do not have to face the issue of quality. This is because most professionals seek a career option that offers them stability and growth and are willing to meet the set standards of quality. 

Overall Work Environment: It has been observed that even the best candidates fail to perform within organizations that do not offer a growth oriented work environment or fail to motivate their employees appropriately. Most candidates feel inspired to improve the quality of their performance, if they are assured of proper rewards and recognition by the organization.

Learning About The Various Aspects Of Hiring Quality Candidates

10 Things to do to Catch the Eyes of Executive Search Specialists

“A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.”

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Being a Top Executive Search Agency in Germany, We come across thousands of potential candidates in our Executive Search daily. But very few are actually able to catch the eyes and make an impression.

Here’s a quick guide to be one of those candidates attracting great people and holding on to them.

Tip 1: Always be visible

One of the best ways to catch the eyes is to be in the eyes. Participate in various dialogues related to your field. Publish your articles; speak on conferences or seminars (even if you are asking a question to someone else’s address) and try to be quoted in relevant articles. All this would help increase your visibility.

Tip 2: Recognition can go a long way

Try to stand out of the crowd. It can be your work style, personality, Decision-making technique or anything else. Make sure that people are talking good about you. What others think about your work is much more important than what you think about yourself.

Tip 3: Be a social beast

Networking relentlessly and consistently would pay out in the long run. Always stay in touch with talented and well-connected colleagues whilst reaching out to new contacts at the same time.

Tip 4: Relationship is the key

Making relations with the right kind of people consistently would help in creating a network of allies who would be marketing you everywhere and all the time.

Tip 5: Success speaks louder than words

People who are known for their top work and positive attributes are much likely to catch the eyes and can be easily found. Make a reputation. Make sure you have enough people out there who will recommend you and suggest your name if they’re asked for referrals to a top candidate.

Tip 6: Build a Brand “YOU”

Invest some time in branding yourself. You can write blogs relevant to your industry. Try to increase people’s engagement. The more you are considered as an expert, the brighter chances would be there to catch the eyes.

Tip 7: Social Media is your angel

LinkedIn is your God. Do not ignore it if you want to constantly move up the ladder. Increase your presence in LinkedIn by endorsing people and by getting endorsed. You can write on this platform too. Follow people relevant to your industry. Join Facebook groups related to your field and posts comments and try to start up an interesting conversation.

Tip 8: Expertise is noticed by all

Well this point cannot be ignored. Gain expert knowledge in your field. Mark your territory. Wherever you stand, people come running for the expert advice. If you are an expert, the head-hunters will call you. You just sit back and relax.

Tip 9: Always say “Yes”

It is all about returning the favour. Never say NO to even a potential head-hunter for lunch or coffee. Such small hangouts can help you a lot with least of efforts. 

Tip 10: Work Work Work

In the end, the obvious. Work hard every day. Achieve new milestones and move up the success ladder. Let your work speaks for you. Make yourself unavoidable.

10 Things to do to Catch the Eyes of Executive Search Specialists