Employee Retention Strategies To Help Businesses Build A Stable Workforce

Employee retention is a major challenge faced by organizations today. The loss of a well-performing employee not only creates instability in a team but also causes financial loss amounting to around 33% of the annual salary of the outgoing employees. Moreover, the struggle to find a suitable replacement can be an extremely time-consuming process which further hinders a smooth workflow. That is why the experts from a recruitment company Germany advice their clients to work towards maximizing employee retention rates. However, there are various reasons that might prompt an employee to give up their current role and organization. Since it is impossible for employers to control all these factors the next best thing they can do to build a stable workforce is to implement various strategies that are likely to improve employee retention. The most effective of these strategies are discussed as follows.

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Make The Employees Aware Of Their Worth

In most business organizations, managers are quick to point out the mistakes and failures of employees while they do not show similar eagerness in appreciating their efforts and achievements. This tends to demotivate the employees and reduce their engagement levels. They then seek employment opportunities with other organizations with the hope of being better appreciated for their hard work and contribution. Hence it is important for an organization to ensure that the employees are constantly made aware of their value and worth by their superiors through the provision of positive feedback on a regular basis.

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Provide A More Flexible Work Environment

A large percentage of the workforce today comprises of young professionals seeking flexible work environments. This flexibility might be in the form of different work hours, freedom to work from home or other remote location or even the choice of workspace within the office. By providing this freedom to the employees, an organization assures them of being considerate of their needs. It also reflects a sense of trust in their work ethics and ability to perform even without any supervision. This goes a long way in motivating the employees and enhancing their sense of loyalty and commitment towards the organization.

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Encourage Managers To Have Difficult Conversations With Employees

One of the key reasons for low retention rates is the lack of effective communication between the employees and their managers. That is why the consultants from a top headhunting company in Germany, stress on the need to encourage the managers to hold difficult conversations with their team members. Such conversations can help the employees to share any work-related issues and stresses with someone capable of resolving these problems. In addition to helping them find an effective solution for their problems, such conversations can help in restoring the trust of the employees in their organization.

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Help Employees Develop A Clear Career Path

Professional growth and stability form an important aspect of enhancing employee retention rates. That is why organizations that help the employees to develop a clear career path and provide them with the right opportunities to follow the same, enjoy a high retention rate. Being assured of having enough growth opportunities within their current organization minimizes the chances of employees seeking better employment options with other organizations.

Employee Retention Strategies To Help Businesses Build A Stable Workforce

How German Recruitment Agencies Reduce Personal Bias During Hiring Process?

It is a fact that when it comes to hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds, an unconscious bias is always at play, which leads to weeding out of qualified candidates for less deserving ones. Thus, hiring managers are required to address this issue of bias which leads to discrepancies during selection process.

To overcome this pre-loaded bias, German recruitment agencies play a key role as they do not work on the belief that people who are like us are worth it and others should be rejected just on the basis of the personal judgement. They are open to diverse teams and growth of the business organization by hiring the right talent at the right position.

Here are some of the strategies being adopted by headhunters Germany to overcome personal bias in the hiring process:

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Acceptance On Affinity Bias

The recruitment firms know well that each and every individual has a bias which impacts the professional decisions. Affinity bias is nothing but developing a liking for someone who is like us. So, hiring candidates belonging to the same race, gender, location, language, etc. are always seen. To address this issue, during the hiring process, the recruitment companies seek out, look and then act during the hiring by judging the candidates on the basis of their qualification and work experience.

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Ascertain The Areas Where Bias Can Pop Up

When the managers are involved in the hiring process, they will have a bias and will judge the candidates on the parameters which include their own comfort when it comes to working with them. For instance, some would judge if having a beer with the candidate after working hours would be fine or if the candidate is accustomed to one’s own language. These are the instances of unconditional and unconscious bias. The recruitment agencies, on the other hand have no such personal biases as they are just recruiting the candidates for their client organization and are possibly not going to work with those candidates. So, the number of candidates they select are not judged on the basis of any personal bias.

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Influence Of Peer Opinions

The hiring managers may see the feedback given by each other about the candidate because going for a personal interview with the candidate. This will indeed influence the decision to hire or reject a candidate. But, when a company hires the services of a staffing agency, the hiring managers are not allowed to take feedback from any fellow panelist or even any member of the selection committee. They are given freedom to form their own opinions free from any prejudices for making final selection of the candidates.

It is a fact that diversity in workplace is essential in order to make us smarter in terms of innovative and critical thinking. By having people from diverse background, the organization benefits in a lot of ways. Hence, one should focus on reducing the bias and increasing the ROI for the organization.

How German Recruitment Agencies Reduce Personal Bias During Hiring Process?

How Do The Recruitment Companies In Germany Measure The Success Of The Recruiting Process?

Measuring the success of the recruiting process is as important as conducting the recruitment process for any client organization. However, the process of measuring the success is a challenging one and this is the reason the recruitment companies in Germany shy away from measuring the success of their recruitment process. Also, measuring as well as reviewing each and every aspect of recruitment in order to determine whether the process was a success or a failure will leave no time to plan the next recruitment exercise.

But, if certain key metrics are selected and the success is measured based on those parameters, one can easily understand whether the recruitment campaign was a success or a failure. These metrics, tests the quality and efficiency of the recruitment efforts poured in by the recruiter in conducting the recruitment process for an organization.

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Have a look at the key metrics which are deployed by the top headhunting company in Germany to measure its success quotient:

Turnaround Time For Making The Recruitment

The length of time which elapses between the job position opening and filling up of the seat with the right person matters a lot. By measuring the average time required to fill in the particular job position and the time actually taken for making the recruitment can give an idea whether the recruiter is able to meet the expectations of the hiring manager.

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Aging Of Requisitions

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment team, it is important to track and monitor the aged requisitions. Having the zero aged requisitions is commendable, getting a 10-20 % of requisitions, which are beyond the 45 days period is also quite normal. By keeping a track and reporting the number as well as the percentage of the aged requisitions, the recruiters can easily identify as well as solve the problem before it even arises.

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Present To Interview Ratio

Bringing a whole lot of candidates in front of the hiring manager is of no use if the hiring manager does not like any of them. A key metrics come in the form of ratio of the candidates presented to the client organization to the number of candidates actually selected for the interview. Anything less than 75% selected may be considered as a cause of concern. But the reason can be many, including high expectation of the hiring manager or not giving a proper brief of the candidate’s job profile which leads to incompetent candidates being presented to the client.

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Interview To Offer Ratio

This ratio measures the number of candidates interviewed by the Hiring Manager to the number of candidates actually hired. The ideal ratio is less than 3:1 i.e. every 3 interviews should result in at least 1 hire.

Any ratio higher than this indicates that poor candidates have been submitted to the recruiter or the hiring manager failing to evaluate the candidates. A poor ratio leads to a lot of wastage of time for both the hiring managers as well as recruiters.

Measuring the overall success of the recruitment exercise, gives you a fair understanding of the entire recruitment process and also will make you learn from your mistakes which if prevented in the future can result in great campaigns.

How Do The Recruitment Companies In Germany Measure The Success Of The Recruiting Process?

Here Are Top Business Development Tips For New German Recruitment Agencies!

As Headhunter Germany, your main focus may be lying in focusing on the candidates and filling-in the roles, but business development is one aspect that cannot be left in abeyance. The Business development is the creation of the long term value from markets, customers and business-customer relationships.

If you are new to the recruitment industry, your business development activities will involve identification of the prospective clients, reaching out to them, getting the business from them, taking the job orders from the clients and maintaining long term relationships with them.

To help you take the right flight, here is the compilation of the top tips for the new German recruitment agencies :

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Make Relationships Through Sales

Whenever you approach a prospective client, don’t put much emphasis on making a sale. No doubt, being a new firm you need business, but the business should come in the form of a long term relationship rather than a one offbeat role. Put more focus on forming long and lucrative relationship with the business organization.

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Build Your Online Brand Presence

The prospects will look for you in the online arena. Thus, in the technology driven world of today it is important to build a professional online presence which fosters confidence of the client in your recruiting abilities. In order to build your online presence, create your social accounts including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and start sharing interesting anecdotes which showcase your passion and knowledge in the recruitment industry.

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Research About The Client Before Reaching Out To Them

Dig deep and deeper! It is important to know who the client is, what is their company and what does their company do and is the client or his company in news for any good or bad reasons? Before reaching out to any client, having a thorough knowledge about the organization will aid in winning their trust as well as forming the long term relationship. Also, this will save you from being trapped by any wrong client.

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Don’t Make Cold Call Without Any Concrete Plan

Before picking the phone for making a cold call, ensure that you can offer something of value to the client or you can help him/her connect with the needed human resources or you can fill the job positions for them. Thus, if you are not having any concrete plan in your hand on how you are going to deal with the business opportunity, if it comes, then it is better to keep yourselves away from the business of cold calls.

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Job Order

When you take specifications for the job order once the business is sealed down, make sure to inquire on the ideal candidate’s profile. This will help you in delivering not just a candidate, but the best candidate. And once you deliver the best candidate to them, they are always going to approach you whenever they wish to place the job order.

The above-mentioned are the nifty tips which can be altered from one industry to other in order to suit the requirement of business development. However, you surely need to think on your own how you can take your new business to new heights.

Here Are Top Business Development Tips For New German Recruitment Agencies!

Getting Familiar With The Benefits And Hinderances Of Successful Succession Planning

Every business needs to replace the members of its top management at some point in time. However, only a few organizations invest in succession planning activities, which can play a critical role in enhancing the overall performance efficiency of the top management. Even the top headhunting company in Germany advocates the need for timely succession planning to ensure a smooth transition of power at the top level within an organization. In fact, timely succession planning can prove beneficial for a business in more than one ways. The most important of these benefits are discussed in brief as follows.

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Better Understanding Of Talent

Succession planning helps the members of the top management to identify the potential candidates suitable for replacing them long before the transition actually happens. This gives them enough time to understand their skills, competence levels and their ability to take the organization on a path of growth and success. This is not possible with new candidates hired at the last moment.

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Mitigating Business Risks

Timely succession planning ensures that responsibilities are gradually passed on to the chosen candidates gradually by the people who need to be replaced. This helps in ensuring the continuity of business processes in an uninterrupted manner even during the actual transition of power. It can further help in boosting the market value of the business besides enhancing investor trust and employee confidence resulting in greater growth and profitability.

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Improve The Effectiveness Of Top Management

Given that there is minimal business disruption during power transition at the top levels due to proper succession planning, the overall effectiveness of the management is naturally improved. The members of the top management does not need to invest too much time and effort in getting comfortable with each other before they can focus their energies on business growth.

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Sends A Positive Signal Down The Line

Investing in proper succession planning helps to send the right signals to hard working and competent employees working at various levels within the organization. It assures them of getting a fair chance to succeed through their skills, diligence, and determination.

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Hinderances In The Path Of Succession Planning

It is quite surprising that despite being aware of the various benefits of succession planning, the top management of most organizations may not approve of it due to the following reasons.

  • Many times the members of the top management might not share the same view about the future direction of the business. This might lead them to oppose the idea of identifying any potential candidates, who might endorse a view and vision quite opposite to their own.

  • A leading recruitment company Germany believes that the myopic view of the management board of a business organization may also prevent it from investing in succession planning activities. The members of the board may be too selfish to consider the idea of being replaced by someone with better capabilities and skills.

  • Many times the boards might also oppose the idea of succession planning as they might actually be ignorant of what it involves. The fear of being judged for their ignorance prevents them from taking this extremely vital step necessary for maximizing business growth and profitability.
Getting Familiar With The Benefits And Hinderances Of Successful Succession Planning

Understanding The German Recruitment Culture For A Better Hiring Experience

Germany has emerged as a major hotspot for organizations seeking great expansion opportunities. With an increasing number of internationally based ventures are setting up operations within the country there has been a natural surge in the demand for high quality candidates across different niches. However, in order for an international headhunting company to ensure the success of its recruitment campaign in Germany, it is essential to gain a better understanding of the local recruitment culture. This includes learning about the various processes, routines and protocols that are generally followed during the recruitment process and how these are used for hiring the most suitable candidates.

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Assessing Candidate Quality And Competence

The German recruiters tend to study the resumes of the potential candidates in great detail. They try to analyse every small aspect of the career profile of the candidate even before the interview Hence, it is important for the candidates to make sure that they offer accurate and valid information in the resume and know the document inside out before appearing for an interview.

The interview process in Germany is more focused on the gaining an understanding about what motivates the candidates. Thus the questions asked are more related to the steps taken by the candidates to handle specific situations. It is also not unusual for the German recruiters to pose questions based on hypothetical situations to the candidates. The candidates’ responses to these questions help them to assess their skills and competence level.

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Generation Of Job Offer

It is not uncommon for the hiring process in Germany to comprise of 2-3 rounds of interviews with the candidates. In addition to a face-to-face interview, the candidates are also expected to attend a trail day with the company. It is normal for the hiring organizations to keep the candidates waiting for 1-2 months before they are provided with a job offer. This is because German people in general are known to take their time for making vital decisions. Since hiring an executive level candidate is not a minor decision, it is not unusual for the recruitment process to be completed within a period of 1.5-2 months.

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General Approach To Recruitment

The hiring culture followed by a recruitment agency Germany is significantly different from the culture followed in other countries. The key highlights of this unique culture are listed as follows.

  • The German recruiters do not have the habit of beating around the bush. They prefer the direct approach and hence if they want to know something they will ask about in an extremely straightforward manner.


  • Germans value efficiency above everything else which makes them extremely focused on their work. This also minimizes the chances of error as they make great efforts to understand the tasks being assigned to them to accomplish them with utmost efficiency.


  • The German people in general are extremely serious about meeting deadlines and being punctual. They do not think twice about putting in some extra time to avoid unnecessary delays.


  • Germans in general tend to follow rules and regulations in a stringent manner. They have a very poor sense of humour especially with respect to their professional roles and responsibilities.

Understanding The German Recruitment Culture For A Better Hiring Experience

3 Key Mistakes That Hiring Organizations Should Avoid Making During Mobile Recruiting

The number of people using mobile devices for internet access has far surpassed those still using desktops and laptops. This has deeply impacted several aspects of life of common people including the manner in which they search for the dream jobs. Consequently, almost every recruitment company in Germany is looking to tap the potential of this ever expanding market for finding and hiring the best candidates across various niches. With mobile recruiting having become a key hiring strategy, the competition within this sector is becoming extremely tough. Thus it has become necessary for the hiring organizations to avoid the below discussed key mistakes to maximize the benefits of using this technology.

3 Key Mistakes That Hiring Organizations Should Avoid Making During Mobile Recruiting

Using Job Postings Not Adapted To The Mobile Environment

One of the greatest reasons behind the growing popularity of mobile usage is the high level of convenience it offers. However, the failure of the recruiters to adapt the job postings to the mobile environment negates the whole idea of convenience. This is because the smaller screens of the mobile devices make navigating a regular web post extremely difficult. In addition, the short attention span of the mobile users makes them feel overwhelmed if they have to scan through the multiple pages of a long job post as it appears on their small screen. Hence ensuring the mobile compatibility of the job post is extremely essential for recruiters looking to entice the right candidates and help them understand the requirements and responsibilities associated with the given position.

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Absence Of A Mobile Career Portal

Most recruiters are of the opinion that investing in a mobile career portal is an unnecessary expense that they can do without. However, they fail to understand the fact the career portal can act as a medium of communication between them and the prospective candidates. The portal adds value to the overall process of mobile recruiting in more than one way. It helps the prospective candidates to seek additional information about the job posting they might be interested in on a one-to-one basis. This can in turn impact the overall interview-hire ratio and make the task of targeting the right candidates relatively easier for the recruiters. Thus investing in a mobile career portal can prove highly advantageous, especially in terms of reaching out to and hiring the young professionals from the millennial generation.

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Failure To Incorporate Data Into Mobile Recruitment

Efficient data incorporation is an integral part of every successful hiring strategy, including mobile recruiting. However, it is not uncommon for even the top experts from the best headhunting company Germany to take this aspect of mobile recruitment for-granted. This failure to incorporate data into the mobile recruitment strategies can deeply impact its efficiency. This is because the recruiters will not be able to determine which messages and channels are providing the desired results and which are proving to be ineffective. In absence of appropriate data to support candidate search, the recruiters might actually end up targeting the wrong candidates or using the inappropriate methods. These seemingly insignificant aspects can cripple the entire mobile recruitment process. Most importantly it can in the loss of credibility of the recruiters and drive away most talented candidates.

3 Key Mistakes That Hiring Organizations Should Avoid Making During Mobile Recruiting