3 Signs It Is Time To Hire A Recruitment Company For Executive Search

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Hiring the right person is the most crucial part of an executive search process. Carrying a recruitment process for such critical roles in-house can sometimes be overwhelming. An executive search process is not just going to the online portals and calling out for referrals, it also involves a systematic screening process so that only the worthy candidates appear for the interview.

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Many companies do not outsource executive search in order to save money, thus ending up losing even more money in a time consuming process and if, God forbid, a wrong person is chosen for the post, then it is potentially a huge monetary loss to the organization.

Hiring a Recruitment Company in Germany is very easy and makes the process a lot less tedious than if it is carried out in-house. Wondering if you need a third party source or not? See the list of signs that would ascertain that it is time to call an agent:

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  1. Level of Experience of in-house Recruiting Team

Not every company has enough executive searches to justify keeping a full-fledged recruitment team.Hiring an executive is very different to hiring a manager or a candidate for an individual role. The skills needed to attract, engage and convert talent at the executive level are much more challenging and are very different from other recruitments. If you are not sure that your recruitment team would be able to manage the recruitment process at such a crucial level then you should definitely go for an agency.

A Recruitment Company, using its subject matter expertise, would help you find the best match for your company. Next to the actual search, this involves a rigorous screening process before the candidates are sent to you for the final verdict. This not only saves a lot of money but also precious time that is invested in interviewing candidates who are not suitable for the job.
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  1. Lack of Quality Hires

Have you had trouble attracting top talent in the past? How have your recruitment decisions been in the past? Answers to these questions could help you decide whether it’s worth outsourcing your executive search or not. The main aim of executive search is bringing the best talent home.

If the people you are interviewing are not up to the mark, then choosing one among them would make no difference at all as you are surely not getting the best of the best. Hiring an agency at this time would be your best shot.

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  1. High Turnover

If you have a high turnover, then finding the root cause would be the key to finding the solution. An expert in recruitment can help you identify the vital areas that are actually contributing to the high turnover rate. An external executive search partner can help with exit interviews. The former employees may be uncomfortable talking to their former employers. Hence, having a third neutral party would help you find the root cause of the problem. This would help you find the actual truth which should be the main focus after all. Once you are apprised of the problem, you can find a solution to curb it.

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The problem here could be the front end of your recruitment process. Possibly the role is not being portrayed correctly to the candidate. It could also be a wrong organizational culture in the organization or it might boil down to a particular manager. What might be worse is, that you perceive culture to be one way but in reality it is completely different. Having an unbiased exit interview process can help you change for good.

3 Signs It Is Time To Hire A Recruitment Company For Executive Search

Contacts & Management – A Trusted Recruitment Partner For Fulfilling The Diverse Hiring Needs Of Employers In Germany

For any business organisation entering into the German marketplace, finding the right candidates for various posts and positions is the top priority. However, not every local recruitment agency in Germany is capable of satisfying the various recruitment needs that arise within a single organisation. In fact, most such agencies offer their services only in a specific area of expertise, which makes it mandatory for the business organisations to hire the services of multiple agencies. However, this option is not only extremely expensive but also quite complicated. That is why partnering with renowned recruitment agencies in Germany such as Contacts & Management, is an option preferred by most employers, who seek timely and efficient recruitment services in the country.

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This recruitment agency has earned a name for offering high-quality services to match the diverse hiring needs of their clients. They analyze the requirements of a job position in depth and suggest the most relevant methods for attracting the attention of the right candidates for the same. They also make sure to educate the clients about the hiring practices, candidate expectations and job search etiquette that are unique to Germany. This makes the recruitment process relatively smooth and hassle-free for the client organisations, while also ensuring that they are able to hire the best candidates. This strategy has proven beneficial even for clients with unique recruitment needs.

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One of the aspects that have ensured the success of recruitment agencies like Contacts & Management, is their ability to provide different types of recruitment solutions. These are in addition to using their own sources and networks for finding the most suitable candidates for a specific position within the client organisation. Whether it is advertisement based recruitment or using headhunting solutions or even executive recruitment services, businesses seeking all these diverse services rarely approach a local recruitment agency in Germany. They mostly prefer partnering with renowned agencies like Contacts & Management for getting the best services at one place.

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These companies understand the significance of using each distinct method in the process of finding the most appropriate talent for specific positions. However, the one thing that is common to all the methods is that most of the initial screening and short-listing of candidates is done by the recruitment agency itself. This minimizes the burden of the HR departments of the hiring companies besides helping them save valuable time, which they can then invest in other aspects related to business growth. Moreover, the recruitment agency also offers reliable advice and guidance to the clients regarding the various aspects or hiring, retention and career planning of the candidates.

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Recruitment agencies like Contacts & Management have been instrumental in enhancing the hiring process in more than one way. Their highly reliable and transparent services have made it possible for the client organisations to establish their set up in Germany in a successful manner with greater ease and convenience. Most importantly, it helps them to recruit the best candidates from various fields, who can ensure the growth and profitability of the business through complete dedication as well as the utilisation of their vast experience and skills.

Contacts & Management – A Trusted Recruitment Partner For Fulfilling The Diverse Hiring Needs Of Employers In Germany

Good Working Relationships Between Employees – The Key To Creating A Healthy Workplace Environment

One of the key necessities for ensuring overall organizational success is to ensure a cordial working relationship between the employees. This not only helps to build a sense of mutual trust and respect amongst the employees but also motivates them to give their 100% for every task. That is why the top recruitment companies in Germany provide constant advice and guidance to their clients to promote activities that can help to build and maintain healthy relationships between the members of the workforce. Discussed below are some important factors that business organizations should educate their employees about to enhance the interactions between co-workers and make the workplace environment more enjoyable.

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Respect the Time of Co-workers: A majority of processes within a business organization are carried out in a sequential manner. This means that even a small time delay in completing a single task can result in delaying the entire process. In most cases, the delays are caused due to the lack of respect for time limits and deadlines by individual employees. As such it is important for the team managers to ensure that every single employee is made to understand the value of completing the tasks assigned to them well in time so that their peers are not affected by unnecessary delays.

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Promote Positive Attitude: Most people avoid associating with individuals who tend to display a negative attitude. Making the employees aware of this fact and motivating them to adapt a positive approach towards their peers and juniors can go a long way in promoting healthy workplace relationships. According to Contacts & Management, a leading executive search firm in Germany, a workplace driven with positivity is generally the breeding ground for reliable and satisfied employees, who are happy to collaborate with their co-workers in every manner to ensure overall business growth.

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Exchange Constructive Feedback: Constructive feedback is one of the most effective ways of promoting positivity amongst employees. It is a fact that different individuals within a work environment possess different skills and capabilities. In addition each employee is desirous of learning the opinion of their co-workers and superiors about their way of working. However, care should be taken by the employees to focus more on the positive aspects of the working of an individual rather than highlighting their drawbacks and shortcomings. The latter issues should be addressed in more subtle manner and wherever possible, privately during a face to face interaction.

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Improve Communication at all Levels: Communication is the key to building healthy relationships, be it in personal life or at workplace. That is why business organizations should encourage free and frank communication at all levels of employment within the company. This not only enables the individual members of the workforce to put forward their views and ideas about various issues but also eliminates any chances of buildup of stress, miscommunication and a sense of animosity amongst co-workers. Moreover, the choice of the medium of communication should be left on individual employees as not everyone feels confident about communicating verbally and might prefer the more indirect method of sending e-mails or text messages to express their views and opinions.

Good Working Relationships Between Employees – The Key To Creating A Healthy Workplace Environment

5 Qualities to be kept in mind by a Recruitment Company for a flat structured Organisation

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In the quest of better outcomes in terms of efficiency, results, productivity and growth a lot of companies are adopting Holacracy, a much flatter organisational structure with no job titles or managers over the traditional Hierarchy with clearly defined job roles and layered structured.

This flattened hierarchy promotes employee involvement through a decentralised decision making structure. The idea is that well trained employees will be more productive if they work with certain degree of freedom with direct involvement in decision making process.

Such organisations cannot afford to recruit bad people. Over the years, our recruitment agency in Germany has seen a lot of change in the requirements of various companies while hiring resources for them.

These are the qualities which we try to judge while recruiting for such companies:

Self-Motivation is the key

“If you love what you are doing,

You will be successful.”

 Abraham Maslow in his “Need Hierarchy Theory” said that the foremost need of an individual which can keep him motivated for the longest period of time is “Self Actualisation” that is Individuals with an urge to work up to their full potential. Ask them “What course you would like to take if given a chance and why?”


“Without TRUST, we don’t truly collaborate;

We merely coordinate or, at best, cooperate.

It is TRUST that transforms a group of people into a TEAM.”

This can be figured out from the past records of an employee. Feedbacks from the old companies and Testimonials from ex-employees can go a long way in making the right decision while hiring a person for such organisations.  Give them various situations where their loyalty can come in jeopardy and listen to their answers and also the confidence with which they are speaking.


“In most cases being a good boss,

Means hiring talented people

& then get out of their way”

A person with a goal is a gem treasured by any company. Make sure that the goal of the organisation coincides with his/her personal goal. Ask them “Where do they see themselves in next five years?” “What are the criteria on which they measure their achievements?” 


“We don’t have scripts

Because we trust our employees

To use their best Judgements – Zappos”

Innovative employees help bring 1000 ways on the table to solve a particular problem. Hiring innovative and creative individuals is the key to success of any organisation but it is a prerequisite when it comes to Holacracy. Make case studies centred to a business problem. Discuss it in the interview. Cross question every solution provided by them. 


“You don’t build a Business.

You Build People.

And then People

Build the Business.”

Every company wants to hire empowered, curious, confident and responsible individuals and not managed robots. Try to test applicant’s intellectual curiosity. Ask them “What book are you reading?” “What do you think was wrong in your previous company and if given a chance what improvements you would have suggested?”

Flat organizations empower employees who are closest to the problem. After all, the success of any organisation lies in having “Right people at the Right place at the Right time.”

5 Qualities to be kept in mind by a Recruitment Company for a flat structured Organisation

Guidelines For Choosing The Right Gifts For Employees

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Modern businesses are nothing like the bureaucratic organizations of yesteryear, which paid too little attention to their employees and were more focused on increasing profitability. Today the focus is more on ensuring greater employee engagement besides providing the employees with the respect and appreciation they deserve. This strategy has been recognized by modern entrepreneurs as the key to consistent growth of the business organization.

One of the most common methods used by business organizations to ensure greater employee engagement is to present them with gifts. In fact, many organizations highlight this policy during their recruitment drives to attract the best candidates for various positions. For example, a business organization seeking applications for the position of junior executive, might ask their recruitment company Germany to inform the prospective candidates about the gifting policy used to recognize the innovation and efforts of the employees.

However, in order for this policy to work, it is important for the business organizations to invest considerable time and thought in choosing the right gifts for the employees. Discussed below are some important considerations that business organizations need to keep in mind for the same.

  • It is extremely important to ensure that the gifts given to the employees are not too personal but have a professional feel to them. This will prove to be an appropriate recognition of their work as a professional without making it look like an appreciation of an individual by the management.
  • Organizations need to avoid the common mistake of choosing large gifts that are of poor quality. The people responsible for choosing the gifts ought to remember that it is not the size that matters, but the respect and recognition that is associated with the gift which keeps the employees inspired and motivated.
  • Customizing the gifts according to the likes and dislikes of the employees is also a great idea. This makes enhances the sense of belonging amongst the employees receiving the gift as they feel that their needs are well understood by the management.
  • The whole idea of giving gifts to employees to recognize their contribution towards business growth will prove worthless, if the employee name is not spelled properly. Small oversights such as, choosing the incorrect wrapping or even mixing up the achievements can turn off the employees and make them feel cheated.
  • It is important for the business organizations to consider the background of the employees while choosing the perfect gifts for them. This will ensure that the employees do not feel culturally or religiously offended upon receiving something that might be good in one community but might not have a totally different meaning within their community.
  • The biggest mistake organizations can commit is to get the same gifts for every employee. Not only does it make the employees feel like having been compared with others but they often end up considering the whole gift giving idea as a mere formality, which does not motivate or inspire them.
  • Finally, organizations need to set a limit to the maximum amount that can be spent on each gift, which in turn depends on the position of the employee within the organization and their achievements. 
Guidelines For Choosing The Right Gifts For Employees

5 reasons you should consider a recruitment company for your next hire in Dusseldorf

Recruitment Agencies in Germany


Dusseldorf is the capital city of the German state of Northrhine-Westfalia. Lying on the Rhine River, it is the seventh largest city in Germany.  Here are the 5 reasons you should consider a recruitment company for your next hire in Dusseldorf.

1) Less population

Having a population of just 600,000 inhabitants, it makes it difficult for the companies to find the right candidate for their workforce. Many times months pass by to fill in the position. This makes it difficult when there is an urgent requirement for the company. Recruitment companies have their pre contacts built up. They can efficiently bridge the gap between the deserving candidates and the work force of the company.

2) Economy

Düsseldorf has become one of the top telecommunications centers in Germany. There are 18 internet service providers located in the capital of North-Rhine Westphalia. Eurowings and formerly independent LTU International, are two airlines, with headquarters in the city. There are 400 advertising agencies and 200 publishing houses in Düsseldorf. There are around 170 national and international financial institutions, and about 130 insurance agencies, and one of Germany’s eight stock exchanges.

3) International Business Centre

As described in the paragraph under Economy, Düsseldorf is a very international city. It lies right in the heart of the European market. While it is relatively small it has many international companies operating within its city limits. Some 5,000 international Companies have chosen Düsseldorf as their German home base. With this, they have their own way of working and own set of challenges.

4) Handling influx of Immigrants

In Germany, the city of Düsseldorf has absorbed more than 5,000 migrants in the last year from countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese community in mainland Europe with about 13,000 Japanese living in Düsseldorf. Many Japanese banks and corporations have their European headquarters in Düsseldorf. With all these facts, Recruitment companies can bridge the gap between Multinational companies and Immigrants.

5) Recruitment Agencies in Germany

While there are many recruitment agencies in Germany, there are few that specialize in helping foreign companies find the people they need for their operation.

We at “Contacts & Management” are focused on working in Germany as an expert headhunter.

We are specializing in headhunting and helping companies with foreign roots recruit the people they need within Dusseldorf. Our recruitment agency understands the cultural differences and assists you in recruiting the right employees with which you can grow your German business. With 25 years of experience in headhunting and recruiting, we know where to look to find the people you need in your industry. We want to see your business be successful in Germany.

5 reasons you should consider a recruitment company for your next hire in Dusseldorf

Do you know how the top executive search agencies price their services? If not, do read this one..

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You must have read an umpteenth number of articles on the benefit an executive search company can bring to your organisation, but are you really aware if your executive agency is charging from you more or less? Do you know how do these companies price their services? How they earn profit for their companies? The profit of these firms is the markup you add to the price you pay for getting the labour of the employee. More skills and better training of the employee brings a better profit for the executive search companies. Below mentioned are some of the factors which acts as the basis for the executive recruiter companies to price their services for you:

  • Competition
    Less the competition, the higher the price. Indeed, this is the thumb rule for the top executive search agencies out there. If, there is less of competition in the recruitment type they deal with, the markups are usually huge. However, if there is a cut throat competition, the markups are average and thus prices are set as average only taking into consideration the overall industry. In Germany, an average sector usually has 50-70% markup for executive search agencies, while the less competitive sector brings a margin of more than 80%.
  • Industry
    Industry plays a key role in defining the basic prices for services. For niches such as IT, Legal etc. the markups are usually high as against the standard niches such as clerical. This is because of availability of staff is more for the traditional niches in comparison to the specialized niches. For specialized niches, the executive recruiter also needs to do a lot research and take the pain to get the right person at the job, hence, they price higher for this category of staff placement.
  • Relationship with client
    The markups are usually lower for the client company which gives the executive recruiter a considerable business, hence a lower billing rate is offered to such a client. The high volume clients get a special rate even if the company needs to lower its markup as low as 10%. The special rates are usually given to companies who have been with the executive search company for a considerable period of time or offers voluminous business.
  • Type of placement
    The price that the executive recruiter charges from the client also depends to a large extent on the type of placement, the clients ask for. The fee charged is a way too high for the permanent recruitment category as the company is going to permanently lose the profit on that candidate. If they have invested a lot of training on that employee, the price will hover around 10% of the expected annual salary of the employee.
Do you know how the top executive search agencies price their services? If not, do read this one..