4 Words That Might Be Killing Your Chance Of Hiring The Top Talent In The Industry

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Everyone hires in fall and so we will do that as well. Stop right there and think for a second. When everyone is hiring, don’t you think there will be a fight among the companies for securing the top talent and what if you fall short and someone else is successful? What would you do then? As one of the best Recruitment Agencies in Germany, we have some advice for you which will help you get ahead in the hiring game: Also hiring the top talent in summer would give you more time to help them settle in the company environment as well as to onboard them so they are ready when the work pressure increases in fall.

4 Words That Might Be Killing Your Chance Of Hiring The Top Talent In The Industry

4 Words That Might Be Killing Your Chance Of Hiring The Top Talent In The Industry

Advertising Recruitment – The Importance Of Using Print Media

advertisement recruitment

When it comes to posting an advertisement for job recruitment, most modern business organizations tend to think only in terms of digital media. While it is true that digital platform have come to play a vital role in helping companies choose the right kind of candidates for various vacancies, the significance of using the traditional print media can also not be undermined. In fact, it is quite common for the leading executive search agencies in Germany to exploit the benefits of both the digital and print media for effective advertisement recruitment. This is because, these agencies are well aware of the various benefits that print media offers over the more popular digital platforms.

Need To Use Print Media

Contrary to what most people believe, the digital technology is still out of the reach of a fairly large amount of people. This is not only due to the lack of the proper technological infrastructure, but also due to the unwillingness of a large number of people to become a part or even adapt the basics of the technology. This is one of the single most important reasons that make the use of print media for advertising job vacancies a necessary option for companies seeking suitable candidates to fulfill various job responsibilities. In fact, advertising in print media is still highly effective in sectors where people are least likely to use the digital technology in an extensive manner.

Another major reason that makes using the print media an inevitable option for executive search agencies is to satisfy ego of senior level job seekers. Most people working at top management levels like to be found by recruitment agencies and hiring companies rather than having to register themselves with the online job portals. Replying to the job ads posted in print media gives such top level executives the satisfaction of having been approached rather than placing themselves at the beck and call of recruitment agencies. This can prove to be a major confidence booster and influence the future performance of the candidates within the hiring company.

Benefits Offered By Using Print Media

Despite the common perception about advertising through print media as being an outdated option, recruitment agencies have been using this platform quite regularly. This in itself is a proof of the fact that print media still plays a vital role in helping the agencies find the most suitable candidates. Some of the benefits of using the print media are listed below.

  • The print media is more effective in terms of attracting the attention of people at regional level, which is not a strategy adapted by most online job portals.
  • It is extremely effective in terms of reaching out to candidates who might not be actively seeking a job but can consider taking up a good position that ensures overall growth and benefit for them.
  • It tends to leave far deeper and longer lasting impact as compared to digital advertising, which in turn increases the chances of response from quality candidates.

 It provides support to the online campaigns by directing the interested candidates towards the relevant online portals and helping them to attain the information they seek in greater detail.

Advertising Recruitment – The Importance Of Using Print Media

5 Amazing Ideas of Advertising Recruitment that could pay off big times

“Good Advertising does not just circulate information.

It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.”

-William Bernbach


Such should be the power of your Recruitment Advertising process, that it creates a permanent impression in the minds of your potential candidates. The strongest talent of the market would be gainfully employed somewhere else, so the major challenge is to attract these people who are not looking for jobs and compel them to engage with the company.

Here is a list of 5 ideas, if used in the advertising recruitment process, can have a huge potential of success.

Idea 1: Billboards

Renting billboards near busy exits is a great way to tell people that you are hiring. Use funny images and catchy lines so that it draws people’s attention. A word of caution over here is keep the wording to minimum as people passing by do not have much time to read your whole story.

Idea 2: Handout Recruitment Cards

This could be used in the most amazing way possible. You can make special business cards with the words “Now Hiring” on them along with your company name, phone number and website. Hand these to your employees and ask them to give them to anybody who went an extra mile to provide them good service. As a result, you would get great employees from the most diverse backgrounds. The underline of this program is that “You can teach skill but you can’t teach personality.”

Idea 3: Mobile Hiring Center

This is great way of doing some targeted recruiting for your clients. In the whole recruitment process, the foremost criteria is to identify the skill that is needed to be hired. The next step is to identify companies that are most likely to have experienced people in this skill set. You can use an RV to create a mobile hiring center in the parking lots of these companies and handrecruitment flyers to the potential employees during lunchtime and in the evening.

Idea 4: 15 Seconds Commercials

Everyone loves to watch movies in theaters. So why not take out some value for yourself from it. Before the previews 15 seconds slots can be bought and commercials can be displayed telling people that you are recruiting. Make sure the ads are random and entertaining. A person with a calm mind tends to retain more and hence your call can make a mark and bring him to that interview table across from you.

Idea 5: Word of Mouth – Employee Referral Rewards

It is always less tiring and risky to hire someone referred by a current employee. A person who is already an employee of the company knows organizational goals and hence would bring only those people who can fit in. Also the new employees coming this way have more confidence in company’s policies. Always reward your employees who bring good people into the company. You can incentivize your employees with different items, such as cash rewards, free iPads and Flip cameras, etc.

5 Amazing Ideas of Advertising Recruitment that could pay off big times

The future of advertising recruitment is here!

Advertising recruitment

The technology is evolving every day. Nothing is hidden from us. Have you ever thought what impact will it have on the recruitment industry? The industry is also evolving; it is also changing with time. The change in the technology has brought various challenges for the traditional recruiters. They have to change their mode, if they want to survive in this world.

The way the ad campaigns used to run earlier and the way they run now is changing. Advertising recruitment is the new kid on the block this time. So what about its future? The Employees are gearing towards the change that is happening and the recruiters need to embrace the change taking place by making a great use of the advertisements for hiring talent for their organisation.

So, what exactly is the role of recruiters and employers in making the era of recruitment by advertisement a success?

  • Recruiters and the employers need to be on the same page.
  • Employers can also access the technology, but the only thing that differentiates the two is that recruiters have the responsibility to provide their clients with the best advice and employers just need the best man for their organisation.
  • A lot of technology is doing the rounds, around job posting, writing of the advertisement, and interviewing through video.

What should be done by organization and recruiter?

  • Be it an organization or be it a recruiter, both are doing well with online advertising.
  • With the growing technology, the advertisers, and the recruiters are using the technology in the best possible manner when it comes to the posting of the ads, or writing the ad story.

How one should use technology to grab the best candidates for recruitment?

Although the online job postings are increasing at a very good rate, but the question comes in the form of the quality of those postings? Are the online postings good enough to grab the attention of the talented people looking out for jobs? The companies are in a hurry to reach the right kind of customers, but in a hurry to do that, the quality of the ad posting is dropping tremendously. The job seekers are all bombarded with a number of advertisements on a daily basis, but the sad part is that they are not sure about the genuineness of the ad post. A good quality advertisement is something that one seeks at all the time. It is very important that the impression that a job ad makes on a candidate is good enough to draw the candidate to the organisation. The job advertisement should be powerful enough to grab the attention of the candidate and leave a lasting impression on him/her. Otherwise, the candidate won’t even apply for the advertised post.

The technology has to be used judiciously and in a well crafted way. The ads have to be evolved in a crisp and intelligent manner that it says more in less of words. This will help the candidates understand the needs of the employers and the candidates will be more aware about what would be the job role before applying.

The future of advertising recruitment is here!

Do’s and Don’ts while Advertising Recruitment

“Creative without Strategy is called ‘ART’,

Creative with Strategy is called ‘ADVERTISING’.”


Hiring good people starts with telling them that “WE ARE HIRING”. Advertising Recruitment is one of the most important components of the whole Recruitment Process. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that need to be kept in mind while formulating a perfect Job Ad.


Be creative 

Creative with Strategy is what Advertising is. Try to stand out from other companies. The more energy and careful thought you put into writing your job Advertisement, the better chance you would reach to the right candidate base that your vacancy requires.

SEO is the key

Your job advertisement needs to be easily found in search engines by relevant candidates. Work on the keywords your candidates will be using when seeking job online and formulate the language accordingly.

Be specific

The candidates do not have the whole day to read what you have to say. Be specific in your requirements.

Be brief, clear and to the point. Use one sentence paragraphs or bullet points. Try beginning each bullet point with a verb, as this implies that you are coming straight to the point.

Catch the eyes

Formatting your text well can go a long way in catching the eyes. Use eye catchy graphics and visuals relevant to the candidate base you are targeting. Make sure your message stands out and is visible from far away.

Structure it well

Identify what all information is necessary to include. Some of the essentials:

  • Overview of the position
  • How is it different from other roles of same sort?
  • What skillset and experience you need?
  • Contact Details.


Do not be boring

Do not bore your candidate with the full history and geography of the company. Please come straight to the point so that he can make an informed decision.

Do not be vague

One thing candidates crave for is right information. Do not confuse them with vague job title.

In order to attract the top calibre candidates, you need to be concise and contain accurate words that effectively communicate the role and responsibilities for the vacancy.

Do not keep the Application process tedious

Trust me; this could be a big turn off. A simple and easy-to-follow application process plays a critical role when it comes to candidates submitting their information. Please do not scare them away with all the unnecessary interrogation.

Other solution could be a single click application process using a stored CV and cover letter or simply using the information from their LinkedIn profiles.

Do not over design

Please do not be over graphic while creating the ad. It should be relevant and simple. As Steve Jobs said, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

Do not be over creative

If you want to stand out from the crowd, be as creative as possible. But at the end of the day, the candidate would need certain necessary information. In your quest for being creative, the basic point should not get lost.

I hope this guide would help you in formulating an amazing job advertisement. Happy Hiring!

Do’s and Don’ts while Advertising Recruitment

Importance Of Attracting And Recruiting The Right Candidates

advertisement recruitment

For most organizations across diverse business niches, hiring new employees for various mid and junior level positions is an ongoing process. That is why a majority of small and medium level business ventures, use in-house HR professionals for handling such recruitments. However, when it comes to recruiting candidates for top management posts, even the biggest players in the field choose to seek the services of the most renowned and professional executive search companies that not only have access to a vast talent pool but also possess the necessary expertise to shortlist the most appropriate candidates as  per the job requirement.

The primary focus of most executive search companies is on finding the most suitable candidates for top executive posts within the client organization. This is because the agencies are well aware of the negative impacts of choosing the wrong candidates. Bad recruitment cannot only cause financial loss to the client organization but also affect its goodwill and hamper its progress. In fact, it is believed that bad recruitments can cost anywhere between 50% and 300% of the annual salary for the post. In addition, it hinders the execution of projects and delays critical decision making, which can cause major business loss for the organization. Most importantly recruiting the wrong candidates for a top management post can deeply impact the performance of the employees working under them, which in turn can be detrimental for overall business growth.  

In view of the above facts, it is only natural that most professional executive search firms tend to avoid suggesting the wrong candidates to the client organizations. In case, the job profile requirements are not met by the candidates in the vast talent pool that these agencies have access to, they   might suggest the option of advertisement recruitment to the clients. This helps the clients to reach out to a greater number of prospective candidates possessing the required qualification, skills and experience. In addition to using the traditional method of advertising the vacancy in print media, modern business organizations can also exploit the benefit of advertising on online job portals and even social media sites.

However it is important for the business organizations to understand that using the option of advertising the vacancy is not a guarantee of finding the right candidate. In order to attract the right candidates, the following key factors need to be ensured while taking out an advertisement.

  • Providing accurate details of the position, title, rank
  • Offering clarification about status of hiring namely probation, contractual or permanent
  • Brief yet precise summary of the duties and responsibilities
  • Minimum qualification and experience required for the post
  • Exact salary range and whether or not it is negotiable
  • Desired set of soft skills
  • Closing date of application acceptance
  • Any other documents required to be submitted with the application

One of the biggest challenges of advertising a vacancy is to shortlist the best candidates suited for the job from the vast sea of applications received. This is where the expertise of an executive search firm can come in handy. These firms have the necessary skill and the acumen to find the most appropriate candidates for the position.

Importance Of Attracting And Recruiting The Right Candidates

Effective advertising for recruitment in a company

Advertising Recruitment

Advertising is one of the crucial aspects of recruitment in a company. It can be tempting to place more emphasis on the interviewing and selecting stages of the recruitment process, rather than the advertising stage. However, efficient advertising paves the way for recruitment success, hopefully making your role that little bit easier.

At Contacts and Management this is how we make the recruitment work by advertisement.

1. The purpose of advertising is to reach the largest qualified audience. We at Contacts and Management try to work together with you to identify and define the important aspects of the position that needs to be filled. Our process for searching and advertising is determined by our early discussions with the Search Committee. It is important to ensure that the wording of an advertisement does not work to exclude possible recruits. So, care must be taken from both sides to make the resulting recruitment profile as accurate as possible while at the same time not making it too limiting.

2. The job advertisement will be the first impression that candidates will have of your business and a poor advert is likely to prompt them to quickly click off the page.
We conduct a survey among the people who are already in a similar position to determine their motives, goals and what possible reasons might exist for a career move. This helps in properly addressing the target group in a way which will invite them to respond.

3. Using the right mix of advertising sources is crucial to attract the right candidates. Candidate behavior is constantly changing and there’s a great deal of conflicting information out there about what advertising sources really work.
The advertisement is designed according to the survey results. Creative advertisement may also be done if it is required. The advertisement is then placed into the appropriate paper, internet job site, social media or whatever is appropriate to reach the right mix of candidates.

4. Once the advertisement is placed, an after-hours telephone service is provided. This means interested candidates can even call us after working hours. An extensive and careful evaluation process is done among these interested candidates for its suitability concerning the position we are filling.

5. The candidates found are now interviewed. The purpose is to determine their personal qualifications for the position to be filled. We also present our client company in such a way, as to make the position that is to be filled interesting for the candidate. From these candidates we determine a short list before presenting them to you.

Effective advertising for recruitment in a company