Things The Top Executive Search Agency Germany Does When Hiring Goal Oriented Talent

Work-life balance, career opportunities and good perks – these are some of the things that young talent of today is looking for when analyzing any job opportunity. The highly educated and skilled workforce which is hitting the German job market is not only looking for flashy paychecks, but something more than that. Their entire emphasis is on professional growth and the attainment of future goals. This is the reason that even the best recruitment company Germany was required to refocus their recruitment methodology in order to attract this goal-oriented workforce.

You must be wondering how the top executive search agency Germany is attracting the young talent?

Here are the ways and means through which recruiters are focusing their recruiting efforts ongoal-oriented talent:

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  • Defining Goals

Goal setting should not only be reserved for current employees rather, potential candidates should be given a similar opportunity so that they can make the decision whether to apply for the job or not. The recruiter focuses on more than just making a hire because he puts his emphasis on planning the future of the candidate with the client’s organization. The predefined goals surely aid in having a better understanding of who will fit the job perfectly. This way, the quality of hire is improved greatly.

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  • Give Clarity On Short Term And Long-Term Goals

Gone are the days when posting the overall goals of the organization can satisfy the queries of the candidates. Candidates nowadays want to know before joining the team how their goals are aligned to the wider goals of the company. Candidates need to be told about the long-term as well as short-term plans of the company. The executive search companies identify the goals of such candidates during the pre-screening process. Candidates are given the opportunity to bring to the table how they would approach as well as achieve their goals.

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  • Establish A Connection Between The Individual Goals Of The Candidate And The Overall Mission Of The Organization

The young talent of today is not only goal-oriented, but they aspire to make a difference to the corporate world. This is the reason the candidates are looking to work with that organisation, that establishes a connection between their vision and mission and the overall goals of the organization. The goals of the candidates should align with the mission, vision and the overall goals put forth by the organization. The mission and vision statement is shared with the candidates so that they can see what their individual goals are and how well they align with the larger goals of the organization.

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  • Autonomy

Headhunting companies these days are not just looking to find candidates who possess the right skills or experiences, instead, they are looking out for those who are self-starters. Autonomy is not a skill, but the way the employees interact with each other throughout the day. The candidates are told the amount of autonomy they will be given for the particular position and how they are required to manage the workload in an effective manner.

Things The Top Executive Search Agency Germany Does When Hiring Goal Oriented Talent

5 Hidden Costs Incurring to you Because of Mis-Hires

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“If you think it’s expensive to hire a Professional,

Just wait until you hire an Amateur.”

A mis-hire not only pose a financial burden on the company that can last for months, but there are other subtle costs associated with mis-hiring that many HR professional ignore. These unseen costs can impact your business for years, long after the financial impact is absorbed.

These 5 hidden costs can only be ignored by hiring right kind of candidates either inhouse or by hiring a Top Executive Search Agency.

Hidden Cost 1 : Morale of the employees suffer

One rotten apple can spoil the others in the bunch as well. Even though this could not be entirely true in an organisation but a mis-hire can have a significant negative impact on the morale of good employees who eventually may leave the company thereby lowering the morale even further. The overall productivity can be hit & extra cost may be infused in terms of training & discipline.

Hidden Cost 2 : A Poor Customer Experience

The mis-hire can come in contact with clients, customers, vendors etc while doing his job. These people can have a bad experience with an under-performer & may chuck their relations with the company altogether. Thus a mis-hire can damage the company in an irreparable way by hitting the sources of revenues of the company.

Hidden Cost 3 : Work Productivity suffers

The mis-hire would impact the work productivity of an entire team in terms of quality, creativity & finesse. Working in team is very crucial as one’s work affect the efficiency of the entire team and hence can lead to bad quality products further damaging the business.

Hidden Cost 4 : Micromanagement Culture

The effort a manager has to put in getting work done from a misfit is much more than normal. It forces them to micromanage & sometimes even do the work themselves as they are answerable to the clients & the higher authorities. The point here is, it is not just a single mis-hire, there can be multiple of them & in that case, the sole work of a manager is lost & he is left with no choice but to work at micro level.

Hidden Cost 5 : Rushing to the next Recruitment Drive

So now, you are rid of the mis-hire, but you need resources to complete your work. For that, you will rush to a fresh recruiting process & without giving enough time to it, end up hiring another mis-hire thus getting stuck into a vicious circle.

Recruitment is not an easy task. Special time & effort needs to be invested in hiring the perfect individual which is correct for your company.

5 Hidden Costs Incurring to you Because of Mis-Hires