5 Ways In Which The German Recruitment Company Manages Their Time Effectively

As a professional recruitment company in Germany, recruiters are required to do a lot in one day. The success of the recruiter to a large extent depends upon the ability of the German recruitment company to effectively manage and plan the best use of each and every hour. The recruiter who works for the longest number of hours is not the highly successful one, but the one who knows where to keep his focus consistently often climbs the stairs of success.

Below are the 5 things which a professional recruitment company in Germany, practices for managing time effectively:

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  • Priority List

The first thing the recruitment company does is to make a list of top priorities. Listing down the things is mandatory for planning the day in an organized manner without wasting time on the things that do not require your constant focus and attention.

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  • Focus On The Result Oriented Areas

After setting the goals for the day, decide on what results you wish to achieve on the daily basis. One surely needs to figure out the 20% of the work one can do that can lead to 80% of the good results, so that more focus can be put on that 20%. The less impactful of the tasks should be chucked out of the to-do-list and more focus and time should be given to the result-oriented activities.

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  • The Outgoing Calls

As the work unfolds in any German recruitment company, one is required to make a large number of calls for various purposes. To make judicious use of time, one needs to know what calls exactly one is required to make. As the day moves on, a large number of outgoing calls will be added to your list, but make sure to make only those outgoing calls which can lay the foundation for your achievement at the next level.

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  • Networking

The key to becoming a talent magnet lies in networking. Make sure to talk to at least 20 new people on a daily basis. It may sound a little difficult, but it is not so. This can be done by sending voice mails to client organizations, hiring authorities and even to candidates. This way you get round the clock knowledge of every sphere of the industry you are dealing in. This way you can be assured of meeting big names of the industry as well as reaching out to new talent on a daily basis, thus expanding your circle. It is only through networking that you can easily place the right candidate and thus satisfy the expectations of the client.

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  • Emails

The recruiters usually receive a great number of emails each day from various organizations as well as from clients. Emails often shut down the ability of an individual to work his/her desk and usually represent the priorities of the sender of the email rather than the one who is receiving the email. So set aside some time to work the emails. This needs to be done. But don’t interrupt what you are doing every time a new email comes in. Doing so is highly inefficient and wastes time.


5 Ways In Which The German Recruitment Company Manages Their Time Effectively

Important Things For Overseas Companies To Consider While Looking For A Sales Partner In Germany

There might be several reasons that might lead a business organization delay the decision of establishing its own setup for sales promotion in Germany. In such cases, most companies use the tested method of hiring sales partners to promote their business in the country. The process of sales partner search Germany is quite similar to looking for appropriate candidate for various roles at different levels within the organization. This why majority of companies based overseas, hire the services of the most trusted and renowned agencies offering executive search facilities, to help them find the most efficient and reliable sales partners for their business.

However, the overseas business companies need to consider the following factors to ensure that the executive search firms they hire for the job come up with the best solutions.

Share Important Business Details

It is important for the overseas establishments to show a willingness to share important details about the business with the prospective partners. They need to be frank about not only their planned objectives with respect to the German market but also their intentions about establishing their own setup in the country anytime in the future. The companies also need to provide a clear overview of the terms of partnership as well as the details about profit/loss sharing. In case a company intends to work through multiple sales partners, this knowledge should also be offered to the prospective partners in the initial phase itself.

Provide Complete Support And Backup

It is extremely important for the business organizations to develop and nurture the sense of trust amongst their German sales partner and also to understand their strict adherence to hierarchical decision making. In keeping with the same most prospective sales partners will expect the overseas company to support and guide them completely on issues related to client satisfaction and product promotion. In case of exclusive sales partners, the parent company might also be expected to provide all the promotional and marketing content and material while the partners will be responsible for identifying the best places and methods to reach out to the target audiences and expanding the client base.

Avoid Being Impatient

It is quite common for the German people to take time for making crucial business decisions. They like to consider all the pros and cons of their decision so that they do not have to bear the brunt of spontaneous and decision making leading to unsatisfactory results. So the overseas companies need to learn to be patient after presenting their proposal to the German sales partners. Any attempt to speed up the decision making process will be taken as an indication of something bad and will hamper the process of hiring the most efficient sales partners. The companies need to understand that every aspect of their proposal will be thoroughly checked and analyzed before being accepted.

Important Things For Overseas Companies To Consider While Looking For A Sales Partner In Germany

Employment Agencies In Germany – Helping Business Organizations Exploit The Benefits Of A Booming Economy

Germany is one of the few countries which have been minimally affected by the severe economic and financial crisis that has crippled most nations across the globe in recent times. In fact, with the exception of 2009 the German economy has been showing a consistent growth over the past decade making it a preferred destination for setting up a profitable business. With an increasing number of international business organization setting up operations across the country, there has naturally been an increase in the demand for qualified professionals to fulfill various roles and responsibilities within these companies.

In this respect, the employment agencies in Germany have come to play an important role in helping the business organizations to find the most suitable candidates especially for leadership roles.Finding the appropriately qualified and experienced candidates at managerial positions makes it possible for business organizations to exploit the total benefits of the booming German economy and enhancing their own profitability by a significant margin. Recruitment agencies determine the specific needs of the foreign organizations in specific sectors and use their networks and contacts to find the most suitable candidates for the job. The task is performed in a simpler and hassle free manner by the agencies operating within the country as they are better aware of the local recruitment customs and regulations.

In addition to searching for the best candidates amongst the local talent available, the international recruitment agencies in Germany are also able to help their clients recruit foreign candidates. This becomes necessary due to the fact that finding younger skilled professionals is becoming increasingly difficult in the country. The limited number of younger people entering the job market has created a major challenge for the business organizations operating in the country. That is why the government is making it easier for people from foreign nations to work in Germany and fill the gap between the supply of and demand for skilled workforce.

Most foreign business organization intending to set up their operations in Germany, are ignorant of the fact that the labor laws within the country generally favor the employee. The local recruitment agencies help their clients to understand these laws and recruit the most suitable candidates for different positions within the organization in a manner that proves mutually beneficial for both parties. The recruitment agencies are well aware of the strategies and maneuvers to be adapted during the hiring process to make sure that their clients are not dealt an unfair deal in the name of protecting the rights of the employees.

The agencies are well aware of the expectations of the candidates and are able to balance them perfectly well with the expectations of the hiring managers within the client organization. Their excellent knowledge of the social, cultural and linguistic aspects also make it possible for them to negotiate the best and most cost effective deals.

Employment Agencies In Germany – Helping Business Organizations Exploit The Benefits Of A Booming Economy

Executive Search – Learning About The Various Steps Involved In The Process

executive search Germany

In order to obtain the best benefits of hiring a professional executive search firm, it is important for the hiring companies to be aware of the various steps they need to take to make the entire process smooth and hassle free. The key to getting the best candidates is to establish a strong relationship based on trust and transparency with the recruitment firms carrying out the executive search Germany. This can be achieved by following the below mentioned steps to ensure the success of the complete hiring process.

Meet the recruitment executives: The first step in the direction of launching an executive search process is to for the HR managers and/or the hiring manager from the hiring company to meet the recruitment executive of the search firms. The important points to be discussed during this meeting should include the basic outline of search requirements, the time limit to be provided, providing the recruitment executives an idea about the company work culture and the roles and responsibilities of the prospective candidates.

Define the structure of hiring process:The hiring companies should be extremely clear about their own role in the recruitment process. This essentially means that they should have clear understanding of the level to which the company will outsource the task to the recruitment agencies. While some companies might prefer the inclusion of their in house HR executives in all aspects of recruitment process, others might limit their involvement to conducting the final interview only and approving the choice of the recruitment agency.

Establish the needs and expectations for the position:  No recruitment process can succeed unless the basic requirements and expectations from the candidates are defined well in advance. In fact, most top ranking German recruitment agencies, do not initiate the recruitment process unless the clients provide them with complete details of their expectations, in terms of qualification, experience and soft skills of the prospective candidates. This helps in streamlining the search and makes the whole process less stressful besides saving both time and money.

Meet the candidates and choose the best one: Once all the above parameters have been satisfied, the executive search firms start looking for the most appropriate candidates suited for a specific role. A rigorous screening process is carried out to shortlist the best candidates, at which stage the management of the hiring company is required to conduct a final interview. The interview is based on the feedback and information provided by the recruitment company about individual candidates as well as the personal competence of the people conducting the interviews. This interview might result in the management finding the most suitable candidate for the job or rejecting them all due to various reasons. In case the latter happens, the entire excise of hiring is re-initiated and the process continues until the hiring company finds the perfect professional for the specific position.

Executive Search – Learning About The Various Steps Involved In The Process