Recruitment Company Germany – Helping E-commerce Start-ups Find The Right Talent

The growing popularity of start-ups across the globe has also deeply impacted the German business marketplace. Unlike in the other parts of the world, the start-up sector has constantly been dominated by e-commerce, with the investment within this niche being extremely robust. However, given that a majority of German workforce springs from the traditionally strong niches of science and manufacturing, it often becomes somewhat difficult for the e-commerce start-ups to find the right talent. This is a major reason that leads such companies to hire the services of a recruitment company Germany. These companies can help the e-commerce start-ups to find the right talent for taking the business to new heights of success.

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How The Recruitment Companies Can Help

The companies offering recruitment services are driven by the need to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Their services are designed to cater to the needs of clients from diverse niches. This is made possible thanks to the time and efforts they have invested in creating a vast talent pool comprising of both experienced candidates and freshers from various industries. In addition, they constantly keep themselves updated about the changes in market trends and employee expectations. Moreover, these companies work towards understanding the requirements of their clients by gaining comprehensive information about their business processes and job responsibilities associates with specific positions. This helps them to provide the most effective recruitment solutions for e-commerce start-ups as per their unique business needs.

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Finding The Right Recruitment Company

The above facts make it quite clear as to why an increasing number of e-commerce start-ups in Germany are seeking the services of professional recruitment companies. However, in order to get the benefits of making such an investment, choosing the right companies for the task is extremely important. This can prove to be somewhat complicated especially with the large number of companies offering such services. The below given tips and guidelines can help the e-commerce start-ups to make the right choice.

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Expertise Of The Company : One of the most important factors to consider while hiring a recruitment company is to verify its expertise in a given field. Given a huge demand for technology and management professionals within the country, not many recruitment firms possess much experience in dealing with professionals from the e-commerce sector. Working with such companies can prove detrimental for the growth of the start-ups and even lead to serious hiring mistakes.

Overall Service Costs : Given that most start-ups operate on a limited budget, they can rarely afford to hire the services of one of the top 10 recruitment company in Germany. Seeking detailed information about the overall service costs of the recruitment firm can help them plan their hiring budget more efficiently. In fact, many recruitment companies offer different packages to meet the budget needs of individual clients.

Average Recruitment Time : Timely recruitment is the key to ensuring the success of any start-up, including the ones operating in the e-commerce niche. That is why it is important for such start-ups to ascertain the average recruitment time taken by the companies offering such services. Preference should be given to companies that provide the right candidates within a minimal time period without compromising on quality.

Recruitment Company Germany – Helping E-commerce Start-ups Find The Right Talent

German Business Culture – Offering A More Flexible Work Environment For Employees

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Over the past several years Germany has emerged as a popular destination amongst business investors seeking new avenues and markets to expand their venture. However, most overseas business organizations setting up operations in Germany fail to recognize the significance of understanding the German business culture. This proves to be a major hindrance not only in terms of recruiting the best talent but also in the overall growth of the organization. That is why the best recruitment company Germany makes it a point to educate its clients about the unique business culture of the country. Discussed below are the three main aspects of this culture that the overseas business organizations need to be aware of.

Flexibility In Terms Of Timing

German business culture focuses more on the actual work hours put in by the employees rather than when they arrive or leave. This provides a flexible working time to individual employees in accordance with their convenience and comfort. According to the best recruitment agency Germany, this helps to ensure better productivity as the employees do not have to face the stress of being penalized for arriving late or leaving early. The flexibility is also applicable to coffee and lunch breaks which generally results in the employees being more focused and willing to work when they resume their duties.


Despite the flexibility in work times displayed, particularly for white collar jobs, Germans like and expect people to be punctual for appointments. This is also a sign of respect. Whereas in southern European countries this may not be quite as important, in Germany it is expected. If a meeting is at 10:00 AM then it is at 10:00 AM, not at 10:15. If a partner can’t make it on time then it is polite to ring up and say that one will be late. 15 minutes is still considered to be acceptable. The most popular excuse for being late is, of course, traffic.

Significance Of Titles

Using proper names and titles while communicating with people, especially those working at higher levels, is extremely important. It is quite common for people to list their title and qualifications on their business cards. Renowned recruitment agencies such as Contacts & Management make sure to inform their clients about using the title and surname of the recipients in any type of written communication, including those sent through e-mail. Failing to do so is considered to be disrespectful towards the recipients and can cause a serious dent in the business relationships. This, however is only true when speaking German. When speaking English it is usual to address people with their first name and to omit the titles. Germans, being quite international, are used to the English / American forms of address when speaking English.

Adherence To Impressive Dress Code

The German workforce dresses not only keeping in mind its practicality as per their job, but also the type of impression it lays on onlookers.  Even the casual dresses are worn with a sense of style and elegance. The choice of dress also depends on the position of the employee within the company hierarchy. While secretaries and junior level employees tend to dress in a casual manner, the dress code becomes more formal and impressive as individuals climb the corporate ladder. In fact it would not be wrong to state that the type of dress worn is not just to enhance the appearance of an individual but also to signify the position of power being enjoyed by them within the corporate work environment.  Nonetheless, even in conservative Germany, dress code is changing and is becoming more casual. Nowadays it is no longer absolutely necessary to appear with a tie. Even the CEO of Daimler has taken on a more casual look.

German Business Culture – Offering A More Flexible Work Environment For Employees

Importance Of Hiring The Services Of Professional Head Hunting Firms In Germany

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Over the past several years, Germany has been attracting countless foreign companies with the result that there is a great demand for skilled professionals in diverse business niches. However, such business organisations often find it difficult to recruit the best candidates for different roles on their own. That is why a large number of foreign organisations choose to hire the services of a professional and renowned recruitment company Germany to help them find the right people for expanding their business in the country. Discussed below are the most common reasons that make hiring the services of the head hunting companies so important.

  • The talent pool in Germany is not as extensive as it is in other countries. The primary reason for the same is the extremely low birth rate which has led to a replacement rate of nearly 1:2 in the skilled jobs market. Therefore it requires the expertise and knowledge of the professional recruitment agencies to attract and enrol the services of the most suitable candidates for a foreign-based business organisation.
  • The German labour laws are extremely stringent and even complex, and even a small oversight by the foreign-based companies can land them in a big trouble. Seeking the services of the best recruitment company Germany ensures that the client organisations do not have to worry about following the laws related to the hiring process as this aspect is already taken care of by the recruitment agency.
  • The recruitment agencies are well aware of the rights and expectations of the prospective candidates as well as the aspects that can be negotiated with them. Therefore they are able to hire the most suitable candidates in a more cost-effective manner as compared to the costs of the company doing the hiring on its own.
  • While many Germans did learn English at school, for those that do not use it on a daily basis it is often quite rusty. Therefore it sometimes becomes difficult for the HR managers of a foreign-based business organisation to effectively communicate with prospective candidates. On the other hand, the recruitment agencies having years of working experience in the German market are able to handle this problem in a hassle free manner both during recruitment and after the recruitment process is complete.

The recruitment agencies keep the need of the client organisations in mind while hiring the candidates. They know the exact places to look for the most competent professionals capable of handling the expected roles and responsibilities. This helps in saving a lot of time and valuable money for the hiring organisation.

Importance Of Hiring The Services Of Professional Head Hunting Firms In Germany

The 5 Types of Employees You Need For a Wonderful Startup

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What is the one factor that decides the fate of a startup? It’s the employees. Indeed, the employees are the backbone of the organisation that take the organisation to great heights with their skills and talents. A strong business policy becomes successful only when it is executed by the right set of people. That’s why more and more organisations are hiring the headhunters in Germany. Here are the types of employees every startup must have to take their first successful flight:

  1. Mentors
    To reach the path of success, a guiding source in the form of an experienced mentor is a must. There must be a few set of individuals who eagerly share their knowledge and experience with the new entrants and thus make them fit for the industry. This way the additional cost of hiring the trainers is put aside as the insiders can impart the right set of knowledge.
  2. Passionate individuals
    Passion is neither a skill nor an experience. It is an inner desire of an individual to work in the company’s interest. A person can be passionate about a field irrespective of he/she being in that field or having attained the knowledge of that subject. Such individuals go out of the way to work for their passion and thus give excellent performance. Hence, getting passionate people in the company is important.
  3. A genius
    A genius is always needed to lay the foundation stone of the start-up. The headhunters Germany believes that the genius bunch of people challenge the entire team and make them work for the goals they never thought they could ever achieve. A genius is required to release the unrealized potential present in each and every employee.
  4. A leader
    A leader leads the organisation with a vision. There must be an individual in the startup who will be responsible for calling out the shots. In a startup, different employees will bring different ideas, dreams, vision and thought to the table; hence there arise a need of an individual who will be entrusted with the task of taking the final call. A leader should be carefully picked and must be something others can take inspiration from.
  5. The follow-through
    Decisions are just plain statements unless and until they are put to practice. The Follow-Through is the individual who takes the idea suggested by the visionary and runs throughout the organisation to make it work. These people are great managers. They build the much-needed company’s structure and devise the roles for different contributors. The role of an executor is as important as is the role of a visionary.
The 5 Types of Employees You Need For a Wonderful Startup

How Recruiting Agencies Benefit Applicants

Recruiting Agencies

Founded in 1988 by Gerhard Benneck Contacts & Management is recruiting agency inDüsseldorfGermany, which handles national and international manpower. It initially focused on advertising based searches and gradually moved onto direct executive search popularly termed as ‘headhunting’ by using unique recruitment strategies and techniques.

Recruiting firms may contact applicants during work hours. This is often only a short phone call in which the searcher gives a brief description of the position to be filled. If the candidate seems interested then the consultant will now contact you in the evening. He will tell you a bit more about the position and will expect you to describe your experience to date.

Recruitment agencies are free of charge for candidates. Recruitment Agencies are working on request and are paid for by their clients. Therefore, there are no costs for you as a candidate. You are getting help at no cost!

Recruitment agencies have up to date knowledge about the labor market. They know which sectors and companies are offering exciting opportunities for people with your knowledge and expertise, and which expectations are realistic.

They have a great network. They can often quickly get you in contact with interesting clients and projects.They save your valuable time and effort, they get things done really fast because of their market reach and existing connections.

Good recruitment agencies will work with both the client and the candidate and will try to help the candidate to make a good impression on the potential employers. They help to bring out the positives of the candidate and project why he would be a perfect fit to the client. They are also aware of the style and format of the interview and prepare you well.

The agency will know what the company can and cannot afford, they also know what other applicants with similar experience and skill sets are looking for and they will know what workers in other companies are getting paid to do the exact same job. They have information about current recruiting trends and inside company knowledge.

Recruitment agencies have access to jobs that you as a job seeker often cannot reach. Through many years of partnership with clients, agencies are often the first to hear about profiles that are needed. They also keep you updated on the process, while it may take ages to get the human resource department to respond when applying directly.

Having said this, the clients of recruiting companies are the companies themselves. Recruiting companies will usually not start looking for a job for an individual candidate. Therefore it is a good idea to register with the recruitment company and get your CV into their database but don’t expect them to do your job search for you!

How Recruiting Agencies Benefit Applicants