The Top No-Cost Candidate Selling Approaches Adopted By Executive Search Germany

Today’s job marketplace is defined by competition and each candidate comes with multiple choices when it comes to job positions. Thus, finding and landing the top candidates in the marketplace becomes a hard exercise. Thus, the executive search Germany faces difficulty in the domain of selling as well as closing the top candidates when the client organization is not a good paymaster. In such a scenario, usage of effective candidate selling approaches does the trick in retaining the top candidates.

Here are the proven no cost candidate selling approaches for landing the top candidates:

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  • Make The CEO Contact The Finalist Candidates

One of the most convincing tool used by the top Executive Search Agency Germany is to arrange for a personalized meeting of the top finalist candidate with the CEO. This one-on-one meeting shows that the CEO is paying a close watch to the hiring process. The finalist gets an impression that the CEO is investing time to learn about the candidates and thus will support and back all aspects of future work. This increases the sales effect by the recruitment agencies.

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  • Peer Interviews

Peer interview is when the interview of the finalist is being conducted by a panel of team members. The employees are the ones who experience the job each and every day and thus the pitches which the peers provide are bound to be compelling to the candidates. The top candidates intend to create a significant impact in the organization they join, thus the interview session with the future co-workers can give a good insight about the company, the team and the various company stories.

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  • A Company Sell Sheet

A product comparison sheet lets customers compare different features of a product category and then select the best product which suits their need. In the same manner, a single sheet listing the factors that the top candidates looking for the job care about and how the client’s organization has a superior offering for those factors. Such a comparison with the other organizations helps in highlighting the areas where the client’s organization excels. This arrangement aids the candidate’s confidence for working at the particular firm.

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  • Job Acceptance Factors And Offering One WOW

The recruiters ask the top finalist candidates to list the job acceptance factors which will act as a criteria for them to assess the job offer. These factors will be the deal maker or the deal breaker. After getting the list of these factors, the recruitment agencies should spend time showing how the job meets the criteria. Further, the executive recruiters should convince the client’s organization to add one WOW factor in the job offer to make it an impressive one. This factor should be something exciting that was not even included during the talks at the time of interview and came as a surprise package.

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  • Salary Re-opener

When the candidate has different offers, a low pay can be a big turn off. Thus, the recruiters make sure to give a compelling alternative when they can’t offer the compensation as demanded by the candidate. A salary re-opener after 3 or 6 months of working can allow the work of candidates to speak for them.

The Top No-Cost Candidate Selling Approaches Adopted By Executive Search Germany

The Features To Consider While Hiring Executive Search Agency Germany

Hiring the services of leading recruitment firms to find the best candidate for a specific job post has become a common practice amongst modern business organizations. This is especially true for organizations setting up operations in a foreign country. However, with the large scale globalization and a significant rise in the number of international recruitments, there has also been an increase in the number of companies offering head hunting services. This makes the task of finding the most reliable and result oriented companies offering the services of executive search Germany, relatively difficult for overseas business organizations. Discussed below are the four important aspects that can help business organizations to choose the right recruitment partners for fulfilling their talent needs.

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Their Specialization In The Relevant Industry

With the job roles becoming increasingly specialized, it has become imperative for the recruiters also to specialize in hiring candidates for specific positions. Such recruiters invest a considerable amount of time and effort in gaining an in-depth understanding about the specific sector and industry they choose to deal in.  Hiring such recruiters ensures better results in terms of the quality of the candidates as well as their reliability with respect to long term association with the hiring organization. Such recruiters can also be trusted to fulfil the talent needs of their clients in a more satisfactory and cost effective manner as compared to generic recruiters.

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The Extent Of Actual On – Ground Professionals

It is not uncommon for business organizations to seek recruitment partners operating in their home country and having an international presence. However, in such cases, it is advisable for the business organizations to first consider the actual number of on-ground professionals operating in the country, where they intend to set up operations. The business organizations should carefully consider the expertise of any such professionals in terms of finding and recruiting the right talent locally as well as internationally. In addition the hiring organizations also need to take into account the decision making powers and the problem solving capabilities of such candidates.

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Type Of Financial Relationship With The Recruiters

It is always advisable for the hiring organizations to have a clear understanding of the type of financial relationship they will be having with their recruitment partners. A top executive search agency Germany might seek commission from the client for candidate that is selected, or the agency may choose to work with a fixed payment made at regular intervals, irrespective of the number of recruitments. The hiring organizations should clarify the terms and value of payments in either case before entering into an agreement with the recruitment agency. In general, opting for recruitment agencies might seem to be a more cost –effective choice although this is true only in case of organizations that need to make only occasional recruitments. For other organizations period payments is the best choice.

The Features To Consider While Hiring Executive Search Agency Germany

5 Questions To Think While Hiring An Executive Search Agency In Germany

The major challenge faced by companies today is hiring and retaining top leadership. After all, the key to success is having the right leaders leading in the right way. The cost as well as the stakes involved in carrying out an Executive Search in Germany are very high and so making sure that you have hired the right person is a necessity. Going for a Top Executive Search Agency in Germany is more or less the safest way of going about your executive search. Here is a list of questions that you need to ask before hiring an Executive Recruiter for your company:

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Question 1 – How Deep Is Their Access?

It is important to know the ability of search firms to interest and engage top candidates who are satisfied and successful in their current roles. Executive firms having many years of experience and have access to a list of the highest-performing leaders within an industry. This list is backed by a level of trust that these candidates lay on the firm, which can give your company an advantage in the overall hiring process which would be both speedy and efficient.

Question 2 – Will They Ensure Confidentiality?

A good executive search firm is the one that you can trust. As a high-performing organization, you certainly cannot afford to have either external or internal uncertainty about a highly influential executive leaving the company for any reason at all. The notion of a senior member of a company leaving can have a profoundly negative impact on the overall culture of the organization and can also affect the external brand negatively.  An ethical and good search firm would ensure that the search is held in the most discreet and confidential manner.

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Question 3 – Will They Be Objective?

As a company, looking for an executive can be a bit more challenging as you are too close to the role yourself and therefore it is difficult for you to explore other angles. A quality executive search consultant not only would bring depth and breadth of their years of experience, they would also know the perfect fit for your firm. They would start looking for candidates after completely understanding your list of requirements and therefore would find the right person for the job.

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Question 4 – Can They Help You Attract The Best?

In other words, can they help you find the perfect fit for the company? Studies have shown that executive search is one of the most time consuming and expensive processes with very high risk of attrition. This is because, sometimes, we do not look for the right skills in the candidate and sometimes we are not even able to define the perfect fit of candidates. Having a firm on board, would help your company, have the best lot of candidates to choose from.

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Question 5 – Do They Have The Expertise?

A good executive search consultant is the one who has all the skills and tools required backed by years of experience to understand the market as well as your requirements. This level of understanding is crucial while searching a leader who would not only be the leader of the present but has the capability of leading the organization through transformation for the future.

5 Questions To Think While Hiring An Executive Search Agency In Germany

Headhunting In Germany Discussion Some Legal Frontier And Perils

The German labour market has had a shortage of skilled workers in recent years and this has led to a lot of employers to utilize professional  ‘headhunters’ that appoint or recruit future top executives. Let us understand the headhunting of Germany in this article and analyze some legal boundaries and risks for recruiting or headhunting professionals in the German workplace.

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German Employment Law Overview

As a general guideline, according to German law, headhunters and in-house recruiters can poach employees. This is considered a very crucial part of free competition. It is generally not accepted for headhunters to make personal visits to the existing employer’s business place or premises.

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Detailed View Of The Law

With respect to telephone calls at the workplace, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has actually established and also confirmed the below guidelines in the recent few years:

A headhunter or recruiter from any small or big Top Executive Search Agency Germany is allowed under German law to make initial contact through telephone if he or she:

  • Concisely introduces herself or himself at the start of the call
  • Elaborates on the purpose of the call
  • Cross checks with the employee if he or she is in fact interested in the contact
  • If the above needs are fulfilled, the headhunter might continue with the call and also describe the details of the position briefly
  • Any further contact needs to be outside of the workplace

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What Is Considered Illegal In Headhunting In Germany?

Any recruitment call which goes beyond the above is illegal per German law. This means it would be illegal to ask about details of the CV during this initial call or other information regarding the candidate’s potential career ambitions. Moreover, it should also be noted that any particular call that is made either to the employee’s landline at work or to the employee’s mobile phone that exceeds a ‘few minutes’ will bear evidence that the call is effectively illegal.

Apart from all these elaborate details, calls that are made by the headhunter to the employee’s personal mobile phone (even if during working hours) are far less critical because they do not use the facilities that the employer has put in place. On the other hand, the legality of recruiting or headhunting in Germany through business e-mail has not actually been considered by the German courts. Also, legal assumptions or individual perceptions regarding this area are practically non-existent.

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Important Points For Headhunters

The headhunter should refrain from sending an email along with a link to the detailed information regarding the relevant position to the business email of a candidate. Though it is a common perception that an email is far less intrusive than a telephone call, it has not been clarified by German courts whether this is acceptable or not. Besides, it is simply not good form to do this since it is unknown to the headhunter in Germany whether the email account of the candidate is perhaps being read by someone else within the organization or not.

Personal Email or messages through social media will not give rise to any legal risks for recruiting or headhunting. This is because it will not have any effect on the employer’s IT system. If you are not using a local German headhunter (who is familiar with these rules of course), it is advisable for employers to educate their headhunters and make sure they abide by the law guidelines if they are recruiting in Germany.

Headhunting In Germany Discussion Some Legal Frontier And Perils

Recruitment Trends In Germany

Entering and forging further into foreign markets is surely a step worth considering especially developing and evolving the business. However, there are massive barriers a business has to overcome to happily enter a brand new niche, domain or market. In order to find highly skilled staff which is one of the biggest challenges let’s understand the top 5 trends that companies must be aware of regarding recruiting or headhunters Germany.

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Recruiting Technologies

It does seem that the trend of digitalisation is unstoppable but there are video-based job interview technologies that are now emerging and becoming far more popular over the past couple of years. Mobile recruitment solutions are also evolving and are very much on the rise since the year 2014.

There are also many Challenges that recruiters face nowadays. Every second recruiter is concerned with finding suitable candidates and placing candidates in a timely manner. About every third recruiter complains about their extreme pressure and workload along with the struggle to find an apt balance between operational recruitment tasks and project management.

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Active Sourcing & Social Media Recruiting


Post a dip in the year 2015, active sourcing has now turned out to be a commonly utilized recruitment strategy that people use.

When it comes to the digital concept of social media recruitment platforms there are no surprises in the recruitment market trends. Platforms like Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest and Whatsapp are live in the shadow of the huge players in the market.

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There are now various channels that communicate about vacancies. The corporate career and job websites have come at the top of these channels and are being used to post communicate vacancies that are followed by social media business platforms. These also include recruitment events like the federal employment agency and various job fairs. On the other hand, print media, HR consultancies and various other external manpower sourcing providers have become important in communicating with clients and posting job vacancies on varied portals

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Future Investments

In which domains do German recruiters plan to invest more money? Almost every second company is planning to invest further in social media business platforms to attract candidates and hire new employees. The companies also emphasized investment into employee referral programmes, job fairs and social media platforms.

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Recruiting Tools in Executive Search Germany

Candidates actually consider employee referral programmes as crucial and a very efficient tool in the entire end to end recruitment process. This very much aligns with the new trend of companies who are ardently willing to invest into such innovative new age programmes. Video recruitment tools are found to be the least helpful by many job candidates. This fact is also indicated by various findings from recruitment trend studies in Germany. Lastly, it is crucial to have a culture test right in place because it is the second highest ranking recruiting tool which candidates will find extremely useful.

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What We Learn


  1. Candidate Experience and Active Sourcing has developed to be a very relevant topic in the entire recruiting business in Germany.

  1. Employer Brand has obtained significance in the most recent years and also imposes tons of challenge or restrictions to the recruiters in Germany as compared to hiring professionally experienced workforces.

  1. Social Media Recruiting trend has seen to be dipping low in the year 2015. However, through the entire year of 2017it has regained the traction and strives hard to make a comeback.

  1. Since 2013, the existence of applicant management systems is being steadily growing and the employee referral programmes will continue to obtain importance since the year 2014 as well.
Recruitment Trends In Germany

Top Tips For Dealing With Recruitment Agencies In Germany

Recruitment agencies in Germany

Recruitment agencies in Germany help companies in different sectors to find a suitable candidate for them. The recruitment companies may specialize in a particular sector or an occupation or may be dominant in one or more geographical locations. They search through their databases to find eligible candidates for their client companies. One point to be noted is that the agencies work for the employers and not for the candidates in particular. So what should you do in order to get noticed by these companies? Here are the top tips for dealing with the top executive search agencies in Germany:

  • Whenever you receive a call or an email from the executive search company, respond to it on prompt basis. This is because for one, they are usually in a hurry to fill a given position but at times they may also be competing with other recruitment agencies to get a job filled with the client.
  • If you already have a job and are looking for a career change, then tell them about your experience, your successes etc., in order to differentiate yourself from candidates with less experience (who may be less expensive).
  • If you are applying to the recruitment agency through online portals, make sure that your resume contains all the keywords which are appropriate for the job position for which you wish to be considered. The presence of these keywords is considered necessary as these are used while searching the database for a particular job role.
  • One important thing to note is that it’s not the job of the recruitment agency to offer you the position you desire. Instead, they may very well try to persuade you to look at the particular role which they have the brief to fill. Take a good look at te role. It might be of interest, even if that is a role you have not considered so far. But on the other hand, don’t get pressurized in considering a role which is not your first preference. It is a waste of time and effort for all parties if you work to get an offer you have no intention of accepting.
  • You should have a salary bracket in mind. Check with the executive search agency on the viability of the salary you are looking for. These companies know the market rates, so they can guide you on what to quote in front of the potential employer. Always quote a salary requirement which is realistic and in sync with your experience and qualifications.

In the end, remember that the recruitment company is working for their customer, i.e. their priority is the employer, they are not working for you. Still, the recruitment company needs you as well, particularly if your experience fits to a role they are trying to fill. But don’t get the idea that thy will go out and find a job for you. They won’t.

Top Tips For Dealing With Recruitment Agencies In Germany