Good Working Relationships Between Employees – The Key To Creating A Healthy Workplace Environment

One of the key necessities for ensuring overall organizational success is to ensure a cordial working relationship between the employees. This not only helps to build a sense of mutual trust and respect amongst the employees but also motivates them to give their 100% for every task. That is why the top recruitment companies in Germany provide constant advice and guidance to their clients to promote activities that can help to build and maintain healthy relationships between the members of the workforce. Discussed below are some important factors that business organizations should educate their employees about to enhance the interactions between co-workers and make the workplace environment more enjoyable.

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Respect the Time of Co-workers: A majority of processes within a business organization are carried out in a sequential manner. This means that even a small time delay in completing a single task can result in delaying the entire process. In most cases, the delays are caused due to the lack of respect for time limits and deadlines by individual employees. As such it is important for the team managers to ensure that every single employee is made to understand the value of completing the tasks assigned to them well in time so that their peers are not affected by unnecessary delays.

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Promote Positive Attitude: Most people avoid associating with individuals who tend to display a negative attitude. Making the employees aware of this fact and motivating them to adapt a positive approach towards their peers and juniors can go a long way in promoting healthy workplace relationships. According to Contacts & Management, a leading executive search firm in Germany, a workplace driven with positivity is generally the breeding ground for reliable and satisfied employees, who are happy to collaborate with their co-workers in every manner to ensure overall business growth.

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Exchange Constructive Feedback: Constructive feedback is one of the most effective ways of promoting positivity amongst employees. It is a fact that different individuals within a work environment possess different skills and capabilities. In addition each employee is desirous of learning the opinion of their co-workers and superiors about their way of working. However, care should be taken by the employees to focus more on the positive aspects of the working of an individual rather than highlighting their drawbacks and shortcomings. The latter issues should be addressed in more subtle manner and wherever possible, privately during a face to face interaction.

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Improve Communication at all Levels: Communication is the key to building healthy relationships, be it in personal life or at workplace. That is why business organizations should encourage free and frank communication at all levels of employment within the company. This not only enables the individual members of the workforce to put forward their views and ideas about various issues but also eliminates any chances of buildup of stress, miscommunication and a sense of animosity amongst co-workers. Moreover, the choice of the medium of communication should be left on individual employees as not everyone feels confident about communicating verbally and might prefer the more indirect method of sending e-mails or text messages to express their views and opinions.

Good Working Relationships Between Employees – The Key To Creating A Healthy Workplace Environment

How Tech Companies Should Attract And Retain Women Employees?

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The technology is predominantly a male-oriented industry because of the recruiters preferring to hire male employees in comparison to the females. However, there are various theories for the lack of female talent in the technology sector. The underlying fact that emerges is that the tech industry seems less attractive and welcoming to the females. It’s high time that the employers amend their theories, thoughts, perspective, policies and office environment in order to cater the female staff. Here are some of the ways to attract and retain the women employees in the tech organisations:

  • Remove the salary gap
    The first and the foremost thing the tech companies should do is to remove the gender-based salary policy and work towards the adage, ‘Equal pay for equal work’. The companies can undertake an HR Audit to ascertain the discrepancies in the linkage between work and pay. In case there are discrepancies, the salaries of both the male and female employees should be adjusted and amendments must take place in the HR policy to align the pay with the skills, knowledge and work.
  • Opportunities for networking
    When it comes to networking, sponsorship and mentoring, it is observed by the best Recruitment company in Germany that the females usually have fewer connections in comparison to the male counterparts. To foster networking elements to the career graph of the female employees, it is of great importance for the higher-ups to work personally with the females in different mentoring programs to give them the desired wings. This way the company can increase the upward mobility of the female employees.
  • Employee friendly leaves policy
    The conclusion derived by various recruitment companies in Germany is that the tech sector is unable to attract the female employees because of the non-attractive leave policy. The women are responsible for the child care and household responsibilities. Offering a friendly leave and maternity policy can definitely retain women talent in the tech business.
  • Flexible work timings
    The tech industry is changing quickly. With the advent of the virtual workspace, the employees can work right from the comfort of their home or virtually any place. This factor of flexibility is of great importance for the female employees who are required to balance their home along with their office commitments. Offer options for flexible timings and remote work location in order to retain the females and use their talent for the organisation’s success.
  • Modification in recruitment practices
    Avoid any sort of male-dominated language in the recruitment advertisements. Also, the hiring panels should have a diverse set of panellist and not only males. As per the researchers, the chance of hiring the females increased by nearly 50% when there is a diversity of the recruitment board.
How Tech Companies Should Attract And Retain Women Employees?