Interview Guide By One Of The Top Headhunting Company In Germany

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt


This advice definitely comes in handy in your search for an executive position. Headhunters in Germany can only give you the opportunities. How you make use of these opportunities is totally up to you. As one of the Top Headhunting Companies in Germany, that has been in the industry for a long time, here is a list of tips that would train you to become the best in your interview process for an executive.
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  1. Be thorough with your current as well as past work – You will always come across a question regarding your past achievements, what did you do, how did you do it, how long did it take you and so on. Even though you have did the work and you know the answers to all this, it is always better to revisit and revise as it might be a long time back and you might not remember everything. Companies usually try to understand how well you will be able to handle their business challenges. A thorough description of this would help the recruiters understand your judgement, thought process, strategy, decision making and finally your ability to solve a particular problem effectively and with great results.

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  1. Learn all the numbers by heart – Organizations often ask questions about the size of your previous organizations and the budgets of the projects which you have done. This is done generally to know if you would be a fitting candidate for their organization. So you need to know each and every number by heart, for instance what is the annual turnover of your organization, how well did you use the funds assigned to you and so on. Learn all these numbers so that you do not get stuck anywhere while giving your interview.

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  1. Be very honest about your values and beliefs – This is extremely important as your values must match those of the company and vice versa. After all, you do not want to have regrets after taking up the job. Recruiting a candidate is expensive for the company as well. So it is better to clear everything before making any decision. Be very honest about your ethics and values in the work environment so as to make sure your key values align with the key values of the company.

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  1. Be Passionate – For this to happen, ask elaborate questions around your role and responsibilities within the company. If this does not excite you, you definitely need to think twice before going ahead with your process of recruitment. In any interview, you are judged on your energy level and nobody can fake how he feels about something. If you like the role, make sure you show your recruiters the same passion and zeal for the job that you feel.


  1. Work on your story telling skills – One important skill on which an executive is judged is how well he/she can ignite a spark in his subordinates so that they can work with passion and dedication. Motivating individuals is a difficult task. For this, you need to have strong public speaking skills as well as storytelling skills. This skill of yours will be judged in all your questions. How well can you define your whole professional/personal life without boring the interviewer? It is all about bringing positive energy to the table.

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Work on your problem solving skills under difficult situations – The last but the best one. A good executive is one who knows how to handle problems under difficult and challenging situations. Nothing is a walk in the park in the competitive industrial environment of today. This skill is usually judged by giving problem statements to the candidates. The approach which you take towards the problem is important and also how persistent you are to solve it. One important thing is, that it is not always about solving the problem; but “giving up without trying enough” is the bigger disaster.


Interview Guide By One Of The Top Headhunting Company In Germany

Things the top Headhunting company in Germany must know before hiring Generation Z

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Gone are the days of hiring Generation X or Y, the time has come when all the top Headhunting companies in Germany are looking to hire Generation Z. So, who falls under this category? Generation Z refers to the millennials who are born in the 1990s and onwards. This generation brings with them the tag of being technically advanced and thus it requires certain alterations when it comes to hiring this generation. A Headhunter in Germany needs to plan ahead in order to make the positions “Z friendly.” Here are the things you must know before hiring them:

  • Big fat paychecks
    If you thought that big fat paychecks can attract this Generation, then here is the reality check. Good remuneration is liked by everyone, this stands true even for this generation, but it is not enough in order to attract this new generation to any organisation. So, when conversing with this generation, instead of focusing on the salary packages, put more emphasis on the opportunities for career advancement and the company culture.
  • They are pragmatic individuals
    Generation Z knows it all and is quite pragmatic in approach. So, instead of beating around the bush, getting to the point in a straightforward manner with these potential employees seems to be the best idea. Theyseemto value stability in work and a constant pay, in light of the recession and financial crisis they have seen during their growing-up days.
  • They are futuristic in approach
    The generation before this was not concerned too much about what is going to happen in the future, but this generation is concerned about the future. So, when talking to them about the company, don’t just give the information about the current status of the company or what the company can do for the employee at present, but also include what the company has in its kitty for the employees in years to come.
  • Use their entrepreneurial spirit
    The millennials of Generation Z are lean towards autonomy and this comes with a large entrepreneurial spirit. They have potential ideas and schemes which can be used for the good of the society as a whole. So, when interviewing them, show them how their high spirits can be efficiently absorbed in the organization. Show them the flexibility the company can give to them when it comes to the implementation of their ideas and thoughts.
  • They don’t like sitting idly in the office
    Gen Z likes being busy at the office during work hours. They are willing to do loads of work and showcase their multitasking abilities. They can even work late hours if the work requires immediate attention. But, when there is no work, they don’t like sitting in the office just to chit chat or do any kind of meaningless job. When they work, they work purposefully, but when they think sitting is a waste of time, they won’t sit. So, if a company provides flexible working hours, with thefocus not being on the number of hours spent in the office, but rather on the output generated, this generation can work wonders with them.
Things the top Headhunting company in Germany must know before hiring Generation Z